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_�yJ,e­­-v, -- ' "" P-ar" <br />1.- , 1_%'� 'X� S'�ell� <br />' <br />of �;P;-01c.sel <br />"n'tr;:;f3L witain UAL� <br />BE IT ORDAINIED T" A14D 1`10.AXD C)F' <br />TRUS'EEES OF THE VIS I AGL OF R;LKGAC)i711 VILIAGE, C0015 <br />COUNTY, ILLMOIS: <br />Section L That it ba unlaxwful Foy;' rxq person, ii ni., -or <br />corpwration to p..rk a vehicle of a -ay kind or characi�.,.­_ uj:�en o-1- PJong <br />I <br />the North and South curbs qf Oalrtan Str-et within the %, ilinge _.)d Elk <br />Grove Vil�aSL <br />Sortimn 7. Any fx9rsoa, or corpo-zatina "he <br />provisions of thir, ordfruxnce shall, upa conviction the zeof' L'e Aneel <br />not -",lore than $100.00 AlWe each and every affansqo. <br />Section 3. That thio ordinance eball 73(a in fu!J force and effect <br />upon its passage, apprejvaA" :and ac,�.ording to Liw. <br />FASSED - th-13 9th c.Lay of 1957. <br />A�'l'ROVFED_ t)�ia ath__ ()X""V w" Sr-ptognt*erL, <br />ATTEST - <br />Charles A. Hodlmair <br />------- ---- <br />President <br />Margaret C. Petrie <br />Village clezk <br />oz tho 17th &ay oz September <br />V3;.57 . <br />