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Ordinance No. 41 <br />AN ORMNANC' amending the <br />ViMgea of Ell: Grove Village <br />Zniain� Ordinance, <br />WHEREAS, the Zoning Board of tA.ppeais of the Village of Elk- <br />Grove <br />'lkGrove Village sitting, as a commission at a publ.c meeting dviy called <br />and held according to law, coasidered the question of reclassifying from <br />"R-1 Twenty Thousand Square. Foot Single Fay.nily Dwelling District" <br />so classified upon annexation) to °1d -Industrial district' the real estato <br />hereinafter described; and <br />WHEREAS, the President and Board of T ru3tees haring conside2od <br />the recommendation of said Zoning Board of Appeals find and believe that <br />the highest and best use for the real r,state herein i6 that of 111-lndUfArial <br />District" use; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE YT ORDA,NED by the President and <br />Board of Trustees of the Village .oi Elk Grove: Village, Cool: County, 111incis; <br />SECTION 1, That an ordinance eniiticd "An Ordinance to .regulaate <br />and limit the haight and bulls of buildings; to regulate and limit tii.e intensity <br />of the use of lot areas, and to red zlats� and determines the aTeats of cD.t>wn <br />spaces within and surrounding such to claeasfa�, :.egULl to and <br />restrict the location of tra.dvs wad 4- 'W .otrzet: . ld ehe Roca Vicon cf buil.ii:�} s <br />designed for specified indus'Vesal, bteai.,ass, rezidentiac.l a4 othe'_<',uves; <br />to divide the entire ViliJ'age of Ejl Gr3.� iii:{; dl4tri^.Em filr the: pa<?pix; 4 <br />of this ordinance; to fix standards to L ileings or at >;eeta acs wzzi2i <br />conforrri; to prohibit uuies, building"., ert with the <br />character of such districts rasjw,r;tavely; �o prevellt additions t*1 nti?d <br />alterations or remodeling of eoxiextisqf oy '-sn ,aaaT'.' a <br />as to avoid tha restrictions and limita.tiuns ? :Nnvlly itx fi o 4c3ta hvre:usda •, <br />and to provide penalties for vio?atior, herecf°l p& aged and al' -proved July 3" <br />1957, 'anown ; ordinance r} ;._,:. ,, 6y nee? .,.. e ?: _.. <br />y% <br />