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District" to I -Industrial District", the following real.:State: <br />That part of the South half of Se :ion 26, township 41 <br />North, Range 3.1, Fast of than Th rd principal' Ai xi.=aza;a <br />lying South of th.e center line of f.ardrn�-ier Road nas� ?,,'O" rt <br />of an lime an f: f1S�'i7nen16.b `.i�, :It the ,south.ea of Cr4rah'.`:' <br />of the Wcs4 half of Chet Southna v. Qv.:3 a•te:rr of Said Se4:tion :26 <br />and ruaaniaig th<,ncti Northerly to a, ;zw"i ;t in tlra Cexa':€:r. lime of <br />Higgins road ati feet North%ve:ste:Tl 4,-,5 measured along 3.aid <br />center linep of the .Ea. -I Base of ties !,Vr ,'at Iv.1.1f of time Southeast <br />Quarter rr.f said Section Z6 P4cx,.eptic:; lronn said p=_arm: A. that <br />part of Lot 7 in the Subdivieionn of the IL'etate of Rleraxy <br />Landmeier, being part of Sections Z6 and 35, Townahip •� ;, <br />North, Range 11, East of the Third Principal lefieridi:za <br />described as follows: begi.rcning at the Northeast corner of <br />said Lot 7, being the intersection of the .vast line of tho South- <br />west Quarter of Section 26 with OAe ceratter lane of .L.a.ndm aie:r <br />Road; thence Northweetebly alcj,i, ti> x.enter lino of Y-,andaaseier <br />Road 112?_ feet; thenetce South on s Iisne parallel with t3ae East <br />line of Lot 7, 16& 83 feet; theace Sozethe:azterly ou a Jima <br />parallel .with the ceat+er Brae of z..a na t Aeier. Road 3.3% feet 'ta <br />the East line of said Lot 7; tlt_-mc.e 7 ,r'th on thta Fast line of <br />Lot 7; 165. E3 feet to the pJa.ce of b+g.yinningS <br />A USO <br />The North 363. 91 feet of Lot I J. i.a, 04e r:. bdivision of tt,se <br />Estate., of Henry I;ancimeie:: afr:z e2aid :•:cesd that part of tit <br />Southwest quarter of the Northwest quartea of said Section 35, <br />Tow ehip 41 NoTth, Range 11, & of the Third F'nbci.pai <br />Meridian, lying Westerly of the contear line of Old Busae Road, <br />together with the North half cl t1a+e mirth half of said Section 35 <br />(except the Noxtheas: Quarter a£ ti -.e Northeast Quzrter of said <br />Section and excepting also the Sos:,.tn two-thz.rd€, as measured <br />along the East: and WoU Rnvs, of tb:at: part of the, Noithviest <br />Quarter of the Northacst Ckua.rter r.f maid Sectio -a 35, lying <br />:East of a line dra:van from a poiat in them North lint of said <br />Section,, 5, 15 chains a.;aln of the \n*ths,est ro3si3r "hereof to <br />a point in the South line r'f :aid Nnru'I've at Quarter of tiv-,, <br />Nort"I'mest Quarter, 5� 10 . anL of tl''rs South. n?Gb COMOV <br />t('':� ereo+i Pulee .ren *pRin te..x:afa „zn t?.>.t Tar t of the 1*Io. riz� erst <br />Quarter 5l$ the 1" orti4.''vo,-it 0 ^ ,3t7.'JCectio'n ..key,ring <br />West of t1w East dine; o" �'6nJal2%1?i �(a Ott .�?i41 HiC4II, be ling w <br />Sc:,bdiO,ricaa of smart on time Nor?' -,',fast. QTx.vter of the! Nortlnveo+, <br />Quartan of section S5„ aforiasrJJ in Ccro1: County„ Dlinois <br />.A, LSIO <br />The South 31 fve•t of the East l 01 fe> t of Lut 3.7„ togeLhov <br />with the South 990 fecst of Lc, 3.3 tsrd th,aat 1,.sart of tl-vi Ftst 101)1 <br />feet of Laid Lot 13„ lying North...ov t"qa Soath 9qG feet of said <br />Let, all in the su'sdivision ca, tb'e Erttste: of I3envy I_tixndaxaeiezr., <br />being part of Sections 26 and 3:i, 'X;avmship 41 North, Sung- 11, <br />East of the Third Principal ,'A%x,ix irRzn„ according tc� the Flat <br />acknowledged on Decennbtor st, !^lr; ,y Ficha>d;I, T-,endrneif<r, <br />Albert Z-andp_icier„ Onto !.jamhn3 1,7, •er, akad C'Iuetav :u";.7'.dfiYlE:s Q: d: va d <br />filed on Ivtarch Z, 1917 iii i,%e i;ff:is:e of the Registrar of Tit" CP 0 <br />in Cook County, lihnoie, zs Doc. # 70396 <br />