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ordinance Djo. 42 <br />AN ORDINANCE, ame�,,dlng, the <br />vi"go of Elk Cx0vv <br />Zonir- Ordinaw-- <br />WHER EAS , the Zloning Board of of the. Vill_ql I Of <br />Grovf--, Village sitting as a Coznrnisson at a wah?,Ic meeting duly --al led' <br />and held according to law, considered tht, qnestiou of arnendiag Section <br />14, Article IV of the Village Zoning OrkUnan:�e pz'ovifjiiqz 'or izduat-ia' <br />zoning of property upon anneiration. and to 7,9-ne ;iif3 Dis".-ci-cV, <br />lands annexed since the adoption of the f'.'oning, Ordinance; a,ad <br />WIFIERZAS, the President and Board of Trustees 1?'wing <br />the recognmendatioas cf said Zoning E.oard of App?ala fiiAd tkatthe hbAheot <br />and beat use of said property is fnr inductrial pvwpobeeo; <br />NOW, TITJEREMRE� BE IT Cu11DV4,1NFD by the Preeident and <br />Board of 'True -Mas of the Village of Grove Viil,,ge, Coo , Go-unty,Illinois: <br />SECTION 1, That an ordinance c--zai0PJ la O--effinance to resulaie, <br />and limit that height and bulk ox buildiagis; t� regrulato and lirrit the ixatoaslitv <br />of the use of lot areas, and tQ rejvlar'v zmd &--tfarKnivae the areaz of o -pen <br />spac,.,�a within and surroundii-A, iw--ch buildinga; t"� zl.RS3v"v" reispalate wo�.l <br />.-eatriet tl,.,e location of tradea anek and "o -at -IC -1 of <br />dsaigwid for specified, 7,;Ldustrial" re.r.idcntiat an.' otthe- <br />4 <br />to aivids tile ekitire VDLage C"! Elk. Into &Ntri'=u; thr., <br />of 'this oreanance;. to fi;-z :standalrdo t'; %V%`—rt Gx- <br />vwlfo—. �n; to proMbit Uv, z, ov blt,' with 6,14r, <br />character of siach district.s a7'A F�' t) <br />- 1 1. 1 1 � I- - - he I 1� <br />alterations or ramodoling of -exiwtin,- v, hi a -wwl <br />as to avoid tbi zvl r lawfu'�13r irnpws',-,:i I <br />and to provIde 1.'Kenzatiea for vi-Js"at;sad, "" <br />1957, imown an Orc.haance Nt�. 201 4!F! ory2ended *n Section 4 oi A-rtickr "I'?, <br />v z <br />