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by addibg thereto the following described real estate to be c ..�raia;ied as <br />"I- bddastria: District" upon annet:ation: <br />That part of the South half of Section 26, liii-iz Sotats of <br />the c nater line of T and:eneae.r Road <`md kJess of a i?.:-:: <br />described as commencing at the S:>•atheael corner of --he <br />!'Test half of the Southeast Qtiartvr of said Section 26 and <br />running thence Northerly to a point in the coater 1ine of <br />Higgins Road, 20 feet North-.xesterly l,as measured ;,lDng <br />said ce=nter line) of the East line of the %Vest half of the <br />Southeast (quarter of a sd Section 26, tngether with Section <br />35, (except the Northeast -Quarter of t1: a Northe:arst ua.r-,ter <br />of said Section 35 and e-.(:eatinag the North half of tragi <br />South-west Quartez o_` said Section 35 zi:weyting also that <br />part of Said Section 35 fallinr ir_ Kuhlman -'s Subdivision, <br />being a subdivision of part nt th-- 'Northwest Quarter of. Iw <br />Northwest Quarter of lection 35 afo ;Raid) sill in TownxMp <br />41 North, Range 11, t.;ast ui the Thi, -e! Pri.n ipa1 Meridian, <br />in Cook County, lllinois. <br />t5.1:ui wr1 G, tiny person, nraan of corporation who violatea, <br />disobeys, ornits, neglects or refuses to comply with or who resists the <br />enforcement of any of the arevisicna of this Ordinance shall be fused not <br />more than One Hundred Dollars �'100. 1110) for each offense and each day <br />that a v;olation is uerrnitted to cxi:{„ shali c.oaistitute a Separate oizons4�, <br />SECTION 3. That this ordiax,srece lvs ll Pie in full force and effect <br />frill?.", and after its pe"Lu'eage.., approval and 1Jubli"ition according to iaaid:. <br />'PASSED: <br />this <br />16th <br />day of Dvzm nibe:a, <br />1957. <br />APPROVED: <br />this <br />16th <br />q -'y of Uez err:eaer, <br />1957.. <br />Charles A. Hodlmair <br />AT%A%ST <br />Margaret C. Petrie <br />Village C.Isrk <br />___.. <br />Eat1.E 'v,Ifi";� thea 21St day of <br />December 1957 <br />