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JrJnizuro Pio. 43 <br />A N (DR,!? j�A,,T4+a aaxaa.,xsa.g certain, <br />la: ib to 0-:) ;°zL'ri'; m of ..,'J Grov:u <br />IAFHERF.!, a. w7ilt_ell hs.. ;icn ray lie -n filed with the ViDage <br />1eAr of the Village of Elk Girov,s Viili:_�,s lr sx, flt.DLY.O.A."IT <br />''.i E:, S2,u the 8C>l.a Oi'7Alar• of re;C�.ord'0� tilee he:.•-�inaft v df-R-ribedi L'old and <br />territory for annk3'S3tion to the Village of Elk Grove Village; and <br />WHEREAS,— said land asst'.: te: ritor°,r in not within the corper<at'd <br />limits of any municipality but is contig aw.AEi to the Village of Elk Grove, <br />village, i8 v.jiiTahabited and hma r47 vlfsctorf, r f3ichug U%37eon; and <br />WITEREAS, said petition: is;,. cath ,and in all respuirta c.onsali =s <br />with the requirements nts of the statat, '..,u mach rase,made and protfiLte,01: a-nd <br />s,VHERF,AS°, the President and Bo: -,rd oY :irusav:;es os this Village <br />ha.v:: axarninect said petition. and have. co2t3idoYZ& the zl+. OStion of the <br />anaiN%'.1$icn of th.t territory ciesvraur:d iFi said petition 4 Rd believe it to be <br />to the obeEst inter-ut'n of the P:h?e1 2iBP,h ttSrr!tory be anne?:L'd <br />thereto; Now, Thereforx:: <br />BE X t��ii3Atid7 1� 1 n° ^ fi E'ti kl):H:�?"' AND �1CnAA, D 01?. <br />:tfLaTFFS 721 TIRE VlE;;CiFDF ,_:T4'i:WFi nE, Cf- i", <br />5`' <br />S, �,11b�,JP.Se <br />to—mi t <br />Section 1, '!.'hatQty^, )ands�... Ca Y;.''a S`Sti!'x� ":':�'_!-,bsm i21 PZ!YfX � r" ti.Yiovi <br />The VI v iit 25 c.r¢ s: c.: t ,. r ,.• s 60 acrz4: o: <br />till South 17s,1h of t1id: Quarter of <br />SectiomJ5 'Township 41 M(,rdi-, r:am-i, •'. n <br />k;acst of the Third Princip..^.) ins Cook <br />County, dllinci.s; <br />which territory is coudIg;uuns to Viilai-,M n" Elk C92';ove "filIlga, ;s not <br />embraced there'n, i;i"L'.L2 nbt} r=it F:✓., C.o,-Jadr�t. nu rcnidiafy' <br />