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Ordinann . NO. 44 <br />AN 0,RD[Naa NC .+ anc i'.. r .certain <br />lands to the `d'i.11aai a of Elk Move <br />'dills. e;, Illinois. <br />WHEIRE.A.'. a written petition hap bear filed N;Ath the Village <br />Clerk of the Vilh-g,,; of Elk Grove Village by 1:srtl!:AT NOR HIE'2N <br />DEVELOPMENT f is+, , a Delaware Corporation, being the sole owner <br />of record of the ''v�:7ainafter described land and territory for annexztion <br />to the Village of -"':: Grove Village; and <br />WHERF'A'.::'I, eaid land and territory iz not within corporate <br />limits o'•: any s zl„; *.utility oaut is contai;iaouo to tlt:e "Village of Elk Grove <br />Village, i av"tiCLl ,:'; CY aml has no el.ec6 or;n :i :siding thereon; and <br />WN.'E+1"'ta»a¢:. `:i. .;:il"id Petition it; i3.Y'it_;�t;' op't; '1 and in all respects 'gor"Ip 82.:! <br />vAth they 'r. n gidre; n :xC ,,f the r�taataats in r4nch made wv! p., o ided; axles <br />'JITE °"UFi'.;'r —aa pY'4'o'ki at 2.Y::: 11joard of FT rilisteeo, cthis Villi6ge <br />have ;_.:.?5;,7:w73:'<� :., ... ''S't3Tlfiyi': a.^'L:e Kim Y'•, eC5;3;?lfd,..n :' < CSit," iji.3eitiY'.Em rif i..GF' <br />c+;'AS3Ca`.�wi: d'�a CE t tht 10`7 y :”' SCAR1 0.'Sl and belielre it to ksE <br />eo'the beat `ader., tv .Fa�:.,rz:x t` I 3ity that...,.sh lar homy 1m; ana=6, <br />. _ _ .. <br />stt';: ti>s:3, 1:'�,�;'. '3 C:. �.. k.i s. z�...a �Il i �..i -: .q _ �. '0" ,'(.... 0 Fop, <br />Fi<t: <br />in Cast" <br />Nuina5r, <br />Wv .2a.C:h tur ritox y in mrtigonom to Am <br />not embraced thmaon, is uninhabited, d, conntains na electors .rasidb <br />