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th-areon, and 1:: unincorporated, be aild °1 F elazntl; is ilzr!9lAv-n7In2!m Cs, <br />the Village of Elk Grove 'pillage so that hc: ua tt�;- said tei rit ,ry shall <br />be included within the boundary Aiwa and l.innitc; of Village as is by <br />lace in such case made anal provided. <br />Section 2. The Village: Teri; of this Village s hereby directed <br />to record a certified copy of this ordinance:, together with an accurate <br />map of said annexed territory, with the Recorder of weeds of Cook <br />County, 111incis. <br />Section 3. That this+ ordinance shall be !i .full. force and effect <br />from ;a-ai after its passage and aa.,provel ax: r-or&,;Ag to lave. <br />PASSEDa this 16th day of December, A.D. 1957. <br />APPROVIM: this 16th city of December, A. D. 1957, <br />Charles A. Hodlmair <br />President �.... ,.._ <br />AYES-, Angelotti, Carroll, Grindel, Patzer anr. Scharringhazsen <br />NAIISs None <br />ABSIP,IM . Bttrlte, Jr. <br />ATTEST <br />Margaret C. Petrie <br />