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and to provide penalties for violation nexeo£°' passed and approvecn <br />July 8, 1957, kncvg_^_ as Ordinance No. 20 be a. vended by 3`e lassi`gixz <br />`roar° t1F -1 to "B1^1 jV SA(I n;, )?Sf, ie"i t1Ti: 1. 7 ,'s :1 ' <br />Lot _. an Sclq Sc'::ll°3 il'dVi,s 177i� �. .'.'..y,;Eti', a <br />rubdivision in Sections Z1, 'Township <br />41 Tdortlz„ Range 11., nh3 <br />Thi -d a iincipa'al Meridian fi '.;cok <br />County, Illinois, <br />SECTION 2. That said real estat,^ a..• r'ac;assified rhall be <br />subject to all lir.,itations and conditsons p~lacea F.Ipon p,ropertira in <br />11B-1 Business District" as defined in said car .isxa.n:c,e here; oSore <br />mentioned. <br />SECTION 3. Any pe:cson, .._,-:ni tza^ --C., poTatiun whjc iol?i. es,, <br />disobeys, emits, n eglrc.ts of re -Awes S:n c t*apl' with or w;p?o .reFsicrts tle�-: <br />eagorc-Mitent of any of than provisi :!us "sf this OrliF^.annz skda.11 t -C: 3`lYiE'Ci ret — <br />more. than One Hundred Dollars ($100. 00) fo-- cash cffen&e and each day <br />that a violation is permitted to exist eha";l constitute at scpw-ate offense. <br />SECTION 4. That this a-dinance Shall iie- in full force: an l <br />effect frcax, and after its passage, e.pprovral <<^,and publicatiosa according <br />to law <br />PASSED- •D: tiai:a 1 th d 5* ."" _ __._Janus, y..-_____° i.....5g.__. _ <br />_._. -- _ <br />ATTEST.. <br />Jenuar�!--- -g.--.- <br />'Pr <br />_..._ <br />g r• <br />Village Gle3rlc <br />pLJt,a. S;ri1;°3 "+. 18th &.7 of <br />