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the North half of the Southwest ".2t::_;.riev of ,Section 34; tlx<sus:e <br />West along said South Line! of the :North 2435. 83 feet oithe Su.itc <br />409. 77 feet of the North Half of the Sn-othwest Quarter t*f <br />Section 34 to the East line of the W ---A 4 .l. 99 feet of t'tt- N' Ob <br />2450 83 feet of the Sonth /,i(M 7'7 Ke, --t of the <br />�f North half. elf the <br />Southwest quartar of Section 3-1< thence North along, said. <br />of the West 421, 99 feet of the lVorth 245_ 83 feet of the t'SoW t+ <br />409.77 feet of the Nowth half of :he Southweet Quarter of S;-ctim <br />34 to the North line of the South 1 l2. 0 feet of the North 2a<5. 83 <br />feet of the South 401. 77 feet of the North. Half of the Soutl x,e §;t <br />Quarter of Section 34; thence West along said North line the <br />Soute,�h 1yY12 feet of the North 245, 83 feet of the South 4V,,; .. ?'l feet <br />of klie a`Y 1.14 i+4 ",L' <br />West line of said Section 34,thence North along the Wi,s st fine of s.iri <br />Section 34 and the West line of said Section 27 to the ryei.t of begii=ii , <br />in Cook County, Illinois <br />whichterrieof V 4.4 contiguous to the Village of Elk Grove Village, is not <br />embraced therein, is inhabited, s onta:+ns 37 electors resitting there m,. <br />and is unincorporated, be and the aawie it.; hereby aunexee.. to the 'Village o <br />Elk Grove Village,, so that hereafter said territory shall be inclasded wrrik:n.r. <br />the boundary lines and limits of said Village as is by law in such case <br />made and provided. <br />Section 2. The Village Clerk of this Village is hereby directed to <br />record a certified copy of this ordinance, together with an accurate map of <br />said annexed territory,v. if lithe Recorder of Deeds of Cook Gounty,Illinois, <br />Section 3. That this ordinance shall be in full force and effect from <br />and after its passage and approval according to law. <br />PASSED: this 10th day of JnLp , 1957. <br />APPROVED- this 11th day of July , 1957, <br />Charles A. Hodlmair <br />President <br />AYES: 5 <br />NAYS: 0 <br />A13SENT:1 <br />ATTEST.. <br />_Aiar&aret C. Petrie ®� <br />Village Clerh <br />