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k <br />Ordirance No. 27 <br />AN ORDINANCE providing for the <br />construction, repair and maintenance <br />of Oakton Street within the Village of <br />Elk Grove Village,, Illinois <br />WHEREAS, Oaktor= Street, designated as State Aid Road No. t2L4. <br />Section 0202, a portion of which lies within the corporate lirrits oa ttze <br />Village of Elle Grove Village, Cook Couety, 111isnoi<., is presently innpro xe�d <br />with a 20 foot pavement constructed and rnaintained by the County cif. f;,x�ls„ <br />State of Illinois; and <br />WHEREAS, the Village of Ella Grove Village is desirous of prccuw-an ; <br />the consent of the Board of Commis oiosnerc of the County of Cook., State of <br />Illinois to construct, reconstruct, widen, rerlair and maintain that part of <br />Oakton Street lying between the Easterly line of Arlington Heights -State <br />Road and the Easterly line of Tosnne Road, extended, in the Village of Ell, <br />Grove Village; and <br />WHEREAS, the Village of Elk Grove Villages has cauaced plans anal <br />specifications to be preparei to widen Oastan Street rAthinn its corporate <br />limits to masa it an 42 .foot pavement vAth curba, gutters, undergsroaand <br />drainage facilities and sidewalks; and <br />WHEREAS, the President and Sw,:v S 64 Tru ateev have determined <br />that it would be for the beat ihteeesws oa "be village of ilk Grove Villas e that <br />it comply with the request of the rzthe r<,i^. of *lie Ccse fy of Cool; that One <br />Village pay the costs df installation, <br />of drainage facilities wid o Ci%4wa.leko ' 1 G CCnA1- 1cFUOR of said constrizcti <br />to assume the financial ret,lxorasabiAit,; for the anafnstc;nance and repai.^, 0.`-; sale, <br />portions of Ckaktosn Street fOr the use Of Vehicaalaar and other tsaf£ic t_herea.= <br />and to restrict parldzg thereon, <br />NOW, THEREFORE. IDE ;T ORDAINED by tsar: Preaideat and Board <br />of Trustees of the Village of Elk Grove Village, Coote County, 111inois: <br />