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Section. h, Th,&t tine President :;n,! Vill^:�e '"'e:rla be and they and : <br />authozized and direc.,.:d4 to entez, into a'T. %'i. �e�i3. ':: <<.,`v%"4. %;rF�22i'Y'ii: with 4•:t' e Cour" '— C - <br />Cook and Stato of 111inai.s for the pluzpose t.a zsouzi:_irg finx acacia <br />C'i €las: cost of i oustrtk':tion,I'f:<^. L.°?a3tr'43G;t5i:'£, wide'li;.i' v and aYTSLAt:eL4;iia,?l.G:E, of 07--.-A <br />part <br />part of 4oakti)n Street wthla saicl vUlage syiag 1'pt-l5fi.en the Easterly ltst<: of <br />Arlington Veighats-State Road and the 1' aotezl In -le of Tonne Road, extended' <br />Sgotion 2. That the President asst? Bc,tard of T7nostees upon acquiring <br />said agi1eerneYlt and conse at, hereby agree Yo coC .k; :ruct, recoast"et arvd '4Ik i i <br />said b!gheway, the cost thereof to be pair! by Cemex Construction Compan • as <br />per igreemort entered into by and between the Village and the Paid Cerate.r, <br />Coe.struction Company; used that capon the coastruct;or. and reconstruction t.f <br />s•-jid portion of Oaldon Street. the Village of Elk `"rove Village hereby agrees <br />a maintain and keep in repair said OaL,ton Street including snow removal and <br />rTeed cutting; and to carry out this corninitty eat, 4 he President and Board of <br />TT.,ustees hereby agree to make a request for allocation of motor fuel tax <br />fords for this purpose, All such co€astrustion shall he under the supervision <br />.4 the County Superim$eadent cX Highways. <br />Section 3. That all piens and opecifications for the improvement and <br />reconstruction as herein set forth shall be approved by the krtgh.rjay Commis - <br />sinner of the County of Cook, the Department tf Public Works and Buil ling•cs„ <br />Division of Highways of the Sts.'t'a of $.?.iiraois or a uc i other body as may be <br />e;easignated by statute. <br />Section 4. As a luxther cons iderati am for the ae-semant proposed <br />the President and Board of Trustteen aha.11 aeopt aia ordinance prohsibiting tt*e <br />Ttar?a ng of vehicles upon and ,alana- ozictrn titre t 11ang within the village of <br />Elk Grove village. <br />Section 5, Thai. all ordinances or game of ordinances in conflict <br />herewith be and the san-se are hereby ropea.'ked. <br />Section b. That this ordinance shall be in €Sall force and effect upon <br />its passage and approval, according to Law. <br />PASSED: this 9th day of Septamnber, 1957. <br />APPROVED. this tjl day of:ej tol: Z$'as 1,{15 6. <br />Charles A. Hodlmair <br />,5 t+to' 't: <br />Margaret C. Petrie <br />