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�rdinrtrW _, No. 34 <br />AN ORDINANCE ��artairi <br />lands to the':f .I' grz r4 r,'Z o e <br />_Vill-age„_llli�•e;lis.._.___._.M.�__._.__� <br />SS HERE.A.S, a written petitica Ir s 3,z. -en fila=A with the Vil a. e <br />Clerk of the Village of Elk Grove j.Ti ,, �,.; b, ..__fi_.hl.:e: ; .w,,, L'' ,, r <br />as contract purchaser and ARTHUR F. S0"1HYJLZE and l -M eal:.., .f.- S'111U:L__. <br />his wife, beiII.- the solz owners of O' the h irehialter 4'aitC: <br />and territory for annexation to the Villa7, s of Elk Grove Village and the <br />sole electors residing thereon; and <br />WHEREAS, said land and *err: cv Sr is rot-,vithin v he, cca•rpcarat=.t <br />limits of any [C a ninipality but is i.;.; 1Yi'C! 4';":'•it%3 "o the V ill agL o j.Ik Grove <br />Village, is inhabited and has twc,, t nerer=_i -n" o yoxire,d <br />in said Petiticn; and <br />ar1Vl'l.Cr'iR.'o—,A5. the said petit:.on 1f3 ... ..,_. o'.a.•'4il ausd P.E3. :all <br />complies with the x Eq-,:Ei ernvntii elo th; ;;;fi^`, £t -,.I i;uch a:¢ern .Gd and <br />provided; raad <br />WHEREAS, the Ph'C'aid.L'nt .' lvA, _T3 C -^A' iif xVirtet-f, .1 <br />13aV3 e':Y.usB'r1L7£el'? said ?Cti's`P, OFE :.Y§Zl'6_ the t,g „.w Y_i.f'°n ;,di ?Lr"?C <br />ar'llexation of the tcrritor-. b'1,.n3 7_V..'.. ,i. 4 ..: ':� ^ t2,s.5-PDP 1i x, ';.G e.l'_ <br />zo the uvea`2i4t:^1'P^ata d t'e 7."'.3 nom.. s�i"'.J !.�_... , �:n x:. to <br />iherec<, No%J'. Therefore: <br />BEI M x :6 Z�SY. Nrd ice BY -11 1 <br />COUNTY, JULLLMOIS; <br />Section 1. Th-: t tb'..,' A <br />to -"wit: <br />