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� � J <br />AN ORDIhiAM establishing a %as <br />mpou all persons engaged in selling <br />tangible personal property in the Village <br />of Elk Gxove Village, <br />BS IT CRDAINED by thae President and Board of Tmatees oP <br />the Village of Elk Grow Villagq Cook Conntyo Mincing <br />Section 1. A tax is hereby imposed capon all persons engaged in <br />the business of selling tangible personal property at retail in %hie village <br />at the state of ons of one per cent of the gross receipts fres sash <br />sales made in the course of each business while this ordinance is is <br />effects in accordance - th the provisions of Sea. 23-111 of the Revised <br />Citeis and Villages Act. <br />gwtioas 2. Every such person engaged in amh business is the <br />village shall file on or before the fifteenth day of each calendar month <br />the report to the State Department of Revenue required by Section Three <br />of nAu Act in Relation to a Tax aeon Persons Bamed in the Business of <br />Selling Tangible Personal Property to Pwrahasers for Use or Consumption® <br />approved June 28s 19330 as amended, <br />Section 3. At the ttms each report is filed, More shall be paid <br />to the State Department of Rwnmo the aaonnt of tax hereby imposed em <br />account of the receipts from sales of tangible personal property daring <br />the preceding month. <br />Section 4. The Village Clerk is hereby d4eeeted to transmit t7 <br />the State Departsmat of Revenue a certified espy of this eadixsnce not <br />lattr than five (5) day* after the effective date of this ordinance. <br />Section 5. Thin ordinance "I be publishsad within ton (10) &Vg <br />of its easaotment as providad in Sections 10m3 of tha OReviced, Cities an <br />