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CHANNEL 6 INTERGOVERNMENTAL AGREEMENT <br />between the <br />Village of Elk Grove Village <br />and the <br />Elk Grove Park District <br />regarding the transition of Channel 6 Operations <br />NOW, comes the Village of Elk Grove Village (Village) and the Elk Grove Park <br />District (Park District), both Illinois Municipal Corporations, and in consideration of the <br />mutual promises and conditions hereinafter set forth, the receipt and sufficiency of which <br />are hereby acknowledged, state as follows: <br />WITTNESETH: <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to previous Intergovernmental Agreements, the Village <br />and the Park District have provided for the Park District to own and operate Channel 6 <br />including, but not limited to the studio, personal property, network dish, and all related <br />property and equipment; and <br />WHEREAS, the funding for said operation was essentially provided by the <br />Village contributing 4% of its 5% cable television franchise fees to the Park District as <br />well as equipment and cabling grants or other capital grants or contributions received by <br />both parties; and <br />WHEREAS, the Park District is desirous of conveying to the Village all of its <br />interest in the assets of Channel 6, including those assets set forth above as well as the <br />unexpended fund balance as of the date of conveyance and all files, manuals, directions <br />and other documents relating to the operation of Channel 6 and the Village is willing to <br />accept said conveyance subject to the conditions set forth in this Intergovernmental <br />Agreement. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, it is agreed by and between the parties hereto as follows: <br />Section 1: That the Park District shall convey in an "as is" condition and without <br />warranty of any type including any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, and the <br />Village shall accept the conveyance of the following equipment, funds, written material, <br />furniture and all personal property used for the operation of Channel 6: <br />a. Equipment: <br />All Channel 6 equipment including all files, manuals, electronics, <br />studio equipment, office furniture, video library, satellite dish and such <br />other equipment, fixed and unfixed assets acquired for the operation <br />of Channel 6. <br />Page 1 of 4 <br />