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IMPROVEMENT AGREEMENT <br /> THE COUNTY OF COOK DEVON AVENUE <br /> At Tonne Road/Wood Dale Road <br /> VILLAGE OF ELK GROVE VILLAGE Section: 01-B1115-05-CH <br /> This Agreement,made and entered into by and between the COUNTY OF COOK,a body politic and <br /> corporate of the State of Illinois, hereinafter called "COUNTY",and the VILLAGE OF ELK GROVE <br /> VILLAGE, a body politic and corporate in the State of Illinois, hereinafter called "VILLAGE". <br /> WITNESSETH <br /> Whereas, the COUNTY and VILLAGE, in order to facilitate the free flow of traffic and ensure the <br /> safety of the motoring public, are desirous of constructing an improvement of the intersection of <br /> Devon Avenue at Tonne Road/Wood Dale Road, characterized as the installation of dual left turn <br /> lanes with barrier center median on the eastbound and westbound approaches of said intersection, <br /> northbound and southbound left turn lanes,eastbound and southbound right tum lanes,traffic signal <br /> modernization and otherattendant highway appurtenances(hereinafter called"PROJECT')and said <br /> PROJECT is herein designated as County Section: 01-B1115-05-CH; <br /> Whereas, the VILLAGE and COUNTY established terms for the development of PROJECT <br /> construction plans for the intersection of Devon Avenue at Tonne Road/Wood Dale Road in a Letter <br /> of Understanding dated August 26, 1999 and accepted by the VILLAGE on September 14, 1999; <br /> and, <br /> Whereas, the VILLAGE has completed a Phase I Study, at its expense, for said intersection, the <br /> COUNTY has reviewed said Study and the VILLAGE has received Illinois Department of <br /> Transportation approval of said Study on August 16, 2002; and, <br /> Whereas, the VILLAGE has initiated Phase II Design Engineering for the PROJECT through a <br /> design engineering consultant and the Letter of Understanding calls for sharing of Phase II <br /> engineering costs between the VILLAGE and the COUNTY; and, <br /> Whereas,the COUNTY and the VILLAGE,by this instrument desire to determine and establish their <br /> respective responsibilities toward design engineering, construction, construction engineering, <br /> funding and maintenance of the PROJECT. <br /> Now, therefore, in consideration of the mutual covenants contained herein and the above recitals <br /> and other good and valuable considerations, the parties hereto agree as follows: <br /> 1. The VILLAGE shall: <br /> a. reference all correspondences,plans, bills, invoices and otherdocuments for the PROJECT <br /> with COUNTY's identifier SECTION: 01-B1115-05-CH; <br /> b. have its consultant conduct Phase 11 design engineering and prepare PROJECT <br /> construction plans, specifications, estimates and contract documents (cost not to exceed <br /> $237,220.00)and obtain COUNTY and State of Illinois approval of final plans,specifications, <br /> estimates and contract documents; <br /> c. pay for or secure seventy (70%) percent of the Phase 11 design engineering costs; <br />