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8.10 EMERGENCY LEAVE Full time employees are eligible for paid Emergency Leave in <br />the event of death or serious illness, and/or injury in the immediate family. The initial days of <br />absence, up to three (3) days, used for the Bereavement portion of Emergency Leave shall not <br />reduce Sick Leave accruals. For purposes of this Section, immediate family shall include: <br />spouse, child, brother, sister, parent, parent -in-law, grandparents, grandchild, brother-in-law, <br />sister-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, and grandparent -in-law no matter where they live, and <br />any other relative living in the employee's household. <br />A. In the case where an employee experiences death or a serious illness or injury <br />in his/her immediate family, the employee will be eligible for Emergency Leave, <br />if one or more of the following circumstances exists: <br />The employee is required to provide health care to that immediate <br />family member. <br />2. The employee is required to take an immediate family member to a <br />medical facility for care and/or treatment. This includes being present <br />during and immediately after initial care or treatment for a serious <br />medical problem. <br />3. The employee requires time away from the job to recover from <br />emotional stress caused directly from a death or serious illness or <br />injury experienced by an immediate family member. <br />Each situation shall be reviewed by the employee's Department Head. If it is determined that the <br />necessary requirements for Emergency Leave have been fulfilled, the Department Head may <br />authorize the use of up to a maximum of twenty-four (24) working hours for that purpose. The <br />Village Manager may extend the Emergency Leave if circumstances warrant. Such extension <br />will reduce sick leave time accruals. <br />B. In the case where an employee experiences an emergency situation which seriously <br />endangers the life and/or well-being of a member of his/Iter immediate family, and/or <br />his property, the Department Head may authorize the use of one (1) Emergency day. <br />Examples of where the one (1) day Emergency Leave would be appropriate would <br />include: life threatening fire at the employee's home; an immediate family member <br />involved in a life threatening auto accident or any other emergency situation which <br />would threaten the life or well-being of an immediate family member, thereby, <br />requiring the employee's immediate attention. Each situation must be reviewed <br />and approved by the employee's Department Head. <br />An employee, upon the approval of his/her Department Head. may be authorized to use up to <br />eight (8) hours Sick Leave to attend a funeral not covered by this policy. The Department <br />Head's approval will be based on the departments operational requirements and the job <br />performance of the employee. <br />