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13061 <br />A REVISED ADDENDUM TO A JOINT CITY-STATE AGREEMENT <br />FOR A RIGHT-OF-WAY ACQUISITION FOR WIDENING & RESURFACING, <br />IN THE VILLAGE OF ELK GROVE, COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS <br />WHEREAS, the VILLAGE OF ELK GROVE, hereinafter referred <br />to as the "LA", and the STATE OF ILLINOIS, acting by and through <br />its Department of Transportation and hereinafter referred to as <br />the "STATE", entered into an agreement on January 31, 1990 for <br />right-of-way acquisition for widening and resurfacing of Elmhurst <br />Road from Devon Avenue to Greenleaf Avenue, said improvement <br />designated as LA Section 83 -00029 -00 -WR, STATE Job No. R-90-009-88: <br />WHEREAS, the LA and the STATE are desirous of updating <br />the Division of Cost portion of the Joint Agreement in accordance <br />with the State's policies and procedures approved: <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT AGREED that the "DIVISION OF COST" <br />portion of the aforementioned Addendum to the agreement is revised <br />to read as follows: <br />DIVISION OF COST <br />TYPE OF WORK FHWA % STATE % LOCAL % TOTAL <br />Right-of-way -0- (0.00) 40,000* (100.00) (BAL) $40,000. <br />TOTALS $40,000.00 $40,000.00 <br />*State contribution not to exceed over $40,000.00. Any excess over $40,000.00 will <br />be the responsibility of the Village. <br />Note:"The above costs and percentages are approximate and subject to change. The <br />percentage(s) recorded and maintained by the STATE will be used in the final division <br />of costs for billings or reimbursement. <br />-1- <br />