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GRANT OF EASEMENT FOR STORM SEWERS <br />This Grant made this 11:2 day of/ .f%aa1990 by <br />Anthony and Elizabeth Conter (the "Gra ors") to the Village of Elk <br />Grove Village, Cook and DuPage Counties, Illinois, a municipal <br />corporation (the "Grantee"). <br />W I T N E S S E T H <br />Whereas, the Grantor's are fee owners of a tract of land legally described <br />as follows: <br />Lot 2588 in Elk Grove Village Section 8, being a <br />subdivision in the south half of Section 33, Township <br />41 north, Range 11, east of the third principal meridian, <br />in Cook County, Illinois, according to the plat thereof <br />recorded October 23, 1959 as Document Number 17694090 <br />(the "Subject Property"); and, <br />Whereas, the Grantee will become the owner of certain storm sewers <br />to be located within the easternmost five feet of the Subject Property; <br />and, <br />Whereas, the Grantee wishes to obtain, for the benefit of the public, <br />an easement of ingress and egress upon and to, and rights to keep, <br />maintain, construct, improve, repair, replace or remove said storm <br />sewers within the easternmost five feet of the Subject Property; and, <br />Whereas, the Grantor's are willing to grant said easement on the terms <br />and conditions hereinafter set forth. <br />NOW THERE, in consideration of the mutual undertakings, covenants and <br />agreements of the parties hereto, and other valuable consideration, <br />the receipt and sufficiency of which the parties hereto hereby <br />stipulate, it is agreed by and between them as follows: <br />1. GRANT OF EASEMENT. Grantor's grants to Grantee for the <br />general use and benefit of the public, a perpetual right <br />and easement to keep, maintain, construct, repair or <br />replace storm sewers over the easternmost five feet of <br />the Subject Property and as depicted on the site drawing <br />attached hereto as Exhibit A and made a part hereof. <br />Grantor's grants to Grantee, for the general use and <br />benefit of the public a perpetual right of ingress and <br />egress over the easternmost five feet of the Subject <br />Property for purposes of maintaining, replacing or <br />repairing the storm sewers. <br />