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ACCOUNT NO. <br />1, the undersigned, Do Herehv Certi3O. that the following is a complete. true and correct copy of certain <br />resolutions of the Board of Directors of village of Elk Grove Villa <br />I Name of corpura(ion in fulb <br />a corporation duly organized and existing under the laws of the State of T>> inni <br />s (Nam. of Stare where orgamzedI <br />which resolutions were duly adopted at a duly called meeting of the said Board, held on opriI C) __ , <br />I Date of meeting) <br />19_91, a quorum being present, and are set forth in the minutes of the said meeting; that I am the keeper of <br />the corporate seal and of the minutes and records of this Corporation; and that the said resolutions have not been <br />rescinded or modified: <br />Be It Resolved, LASALLE NORTHWEST NATIONAL BANK (hereinafter sometimes <br />referred to as the "Bank") be and hereby is designated a depositary in which the funds of this <br />Corporation may be deposited by its officers, agents. and employes, and that such officers, agents, <br />Authorized and employes shall be and each of them hereby is authorized to indorse for deposit or negotiation <br />signuturer anv and all checks, drafts, notes, bills of exchange, and orders for the payment of money, either <br />for <br />indorsements belonging to or coming into possession of this Corporatiop. Indorsements for deposit may be by <br />the written Dr stamped indorsement of this Corporation without designation of the person making <br />the indorsement; <br />Be It Further Resolved, that the: Only Vice—President of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. <br />Authorized nr ' 1ilag,e ,.r 911; a,"",, Troacnror and rhia <br />signatures Village of Elk Grove Assistant Treasurer <br />on checks <br />(Titles of officers and/or other persons authorized to sign checks: e.g.: President. Treasurer, etc.: also. please indicate in what manner the <br />above-named officers are to sten—smaly, anv two, or Iofntly, ete,1 ' <br />of this Corporation (are) (is) authorized to SIGN ANY AND ALL CHECKS, DRAFTS. AND <br />ORDERS, including orders or directions in informal or letter form, against any funds or accounts <br />at any time standing to the credit of this Corporation with the Bank, and that the Bank hereby is <br />authorized to honor any and all checks, drafts and orders so signed, including those drawn to the <br />individual order of any such officer or other person signing the same, without further inquiry or <br />regard to the authority of said officer or other person or the use of the checks, drafts and orders, <br />or the proceeds thereof; i <br />Be It <br />Authorized <br />signatures <br />on notes and <br />obligations, <br />eta <br />that <br />) <br />(Please indicate in what manner the above named officers are to sig n—smgfv. anv two. or lotndv. etc.) <br />265011 10/88 <br />