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EXHIBIT A. <br />NORTHWEST MUNICIPAL CONFERENCE TRANSPORTATION UNIT <br />PROJECT APPLICATION <br />Use this application for only one project - Duplicate if necessary <br />I. GENERAL <br />a. Date of Application May 28, 1991 <br />b. Lead Municipality VILLAGE OF ELK GROVE <br />C. Project Name NW TOLLROAD/ARLINGTON HTS. RD. INTERCHANGE <br />d. Name, phone & fax Charles A. Willis 439-3900 FAX 364-2687 <br />number of contact <br />II. DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT <br />a. Please provide a brief description of the project <br />to include its history and current status. <br />Full interchange at the NW Tollroad and Arlington Heights Road. <br />Arlington Heights, I112no25 Department of Transportation and the <br />Tollroad authority. The tollroad has an entrance for eastbound <br />traffic and exit for west bound traffic. A tollroad exit for <br />eastbound traffic and entrance for west bound traffic are necessar <br />nas Deen commzcrea rrom Arlington nezgncs, tlx vrove, ivus ana the <br />Tollroad. All required public hearings have been held. <br />III. PROJECT IMPACT <br />a. What is the anticipated impact or problem solved by <br />completion of the project? <br />Facilitates the movement of traffic. provides a regional transportation <br />network; enhances accessibility to the Elk Grove I age zn us rzal <br />parfirms, 90 million pounds of freaghten erzng eaving e <br />roor;; provzae access co cne sournern ena or arzzngron nezgncs; <br />relieves congestion at other points of Ingress egress to the <br />NW Tollroad. <br />