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AUTOMATIC AID AC EMENT BETWEEN THE VILLAGE OF E GROVE VILLAGE <br />and <br />THE VILLAGE OF SCHAUMBURG <br />In accordance with Chapter 24, Section 11-6-1, of the Illinois Revised <br />Statutes that empowers Municipalities and Fire Protection Districts to <br />enter into Mutual Aid Agreements, and in accordance with the MABAS <br />Agreement entered into by the Village of Elk Grove Village and the <br />Village of Schaumburg, December 1, 1970, the Village of Elk Grove Village <br />and the Village of Schaumburg agree to provide automatic aid to each <br />other on structural fire alarms (excluding automatic fire alarms). <br />Purpose of Agreement <br />To better utilize equipment and manpower available within the <br />geographical area by providing automatic response companies at the scene <br />of ,structural fires thereby providing the citizens of both communities <br />with more effective service within current financial limitations. <br />General Conditions <br />1. Equipment on automatic response will have a minimum of three (3) <br />Fire Department personnel and only one unit from either community is <br />required to respond at any one time. <br />2. At all times the Fire Department having jurisdiction will be in <br />charge and responsible for operations at the fire scene. If an <br />automatic response unit is first on the scene, the Officer -in -Charge <br />will use his discretion as to what action his company will take. <br />3. Each municipality involved in this Agreement will provide a <br />communication system to allow immediate dispatching of all units due <br />to respond and a communication system for apparatus to be used after <br />dispatch. <br />4. Each Fire Department involved in the agreement shall provide for <br />interdepartmental training so that each can become familiar with the <br />other's operation, equipment, and areas of mutual response. <br />It is understood that in the event a unit due to respond <br />automatically is out -of -service, or busy at another call, no back-up <br />unit from another station will be required to respond. <br />If on the way to an automatic response, a unit receives a dispatch <br />to an alarm in its own community, it will not divert from its <br />automatic response and answer the call in its own community, unless <br />released by the receiving community's Fire Officer. It will be the <br />responsibility of the communications office to so inform the <br />community requesting assistance. <br />continued... <br />