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IMPROVEMENT DESCRIPTION: <br />(X) <br />X) <br />Watermain and Appurtenances ( ) Sidewalk <br />Sanitary Sewer and Appurtenances <br />Storm Sewer and Appurtenances <br />Roadway (Curb and Gutter) <br />Roadway (Markings) <br />CERTIFICATIONS: <br />Street Lights <br />Parkway Trees <br />Ponds (DetentionlRetention <br />Other (Lift Station... etc.) <br />DESIGN ENGINEER'S CERTIFICATION <br />To the best of my knowledge and belief, the construction of the <br />above described improvement has been completed in accordance with the <br />referenced approved plans and specifications. <br />-Z 5 4�. f5��5- k, '11 ",' , <br />a, 4� <br />(DATE) (IL. P.E. NO.) (SleN <br />6 2 <br />�E <br />DEVELOPERIOWNER CERTIFICATION J- $ <br />FIELD INSPECTORS CERTIFICATION <br />I hereby certify that X 1we) have regularly inspected the above <br />described improvements during the progress of construction and that to <br />the best of mylour knowledge and belief the work has been completed <br />in conformance with the approved plans and specific ions. <br />7 <br />S 0 2� n/ a <br />(DATE) (SIGNATURE) (TITLE) <br />Gus Kolovos <br />