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RESOLUTION NO. 10-05 <br />A RESOLUTION DETERMINING THE APPROPRIATENESS FOR CLASS 613 STATUS <br />PURSUANT TO THE COOK COUNTY REAL PROPERTY CLASSIFICATION <br />ORDINANCE AS AMENDED JANUARY 1, 2000 FOR CERTAIN REAL ESTATE <br />LOCATED AT 2301 GREENLEAF AVENUE, ELK GROVE VILLAGE, ILLINOIS <br />WHEREAS, the Village of Elk Grove Village desires to promote the development of <br />industry in the Village of Elk Grove; and <br />WHEREAS, the Cook County Assessor is operating under an ordinance enacted by the <br />Cook County Board of Commissioners, and amended from time to time, the most recent <br />amendment becoming effective as of January 1, 2000, which has instituted a program to <br />encourage industrial and commercial development in Cook County known as the Cook County <br />Real Property Classification Ordinance; and <br />WHEREAS, in the case of abandoned property, if the municipality or the Mayor and <br />Board of Trustees, finds that special circumstances justify finding that the property is <br />"abandoned" for purpose of Class 613, even though it has been vacant and unused for less than <br />24 months, that finding, along with the specification of the circumstances, shall be included in <br />the resolution or ordinance supporting and consenting to the Class 6B application. Such <br />resolution or ordinance shall be filed with the eligibility application. If the ordinance or <br />resolution is that of a municipality, the approval of the Board of Commissioners of Cook <br />County is required to validate such shortened period of qualifying abandonment, and a <br />resolution to that effect shall be included with the Class 6B eligibility application filed with <br />the Assessor. <br />WHEREAS, the Petitioner has applied for or is applying for Class 613 property status <br />pursuant to said aforementioned ordinance, for certain real estate located at 2301 Greenleaf <br />