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RESOLUTION NO. 19-90 <br />A RESOLUTION FOR APPROVAL OF CLASS 6a INCENTIVE ABATEMENT <br />FOR PLANNED NEW CONSTRUCTION IN THE VILLAGE OF ELK GROVE <br />VILLAGE (2300 LANDMEIER ROAD - ROADWAY EXPRESS, INC.) <br />WHEREAS, ROADWAY EXPRESS, INC. owns the property commonly <br />known as 2300 Landmeier Road, in the Village of Elk Grove <br />Village, and proposes to develop said property, and to undertake <br />a program of new construction of a 56 -door trucking terminal at <br />the premises, at a cost estimated at $2,500,000; the viability <br />of the said program being dependent on the eligibility of the <br />said property for Class 6(a) incentives; and <br />WHEREAS, the permanent real estate index number of this <br />property is 08-26-402-025 ; and <br />WHEREAS, the Cook County Real Property Assessment <br />Classification Ordinance, as adopted by the Cook County Board of <br />Commissioners on December 18. 1989, requires ROADWAY EXPRESS, <br />INC. prior to filing a Class 6(a) Eligibility Application with <br />the Assessor of Cook County, obtain from the municipality in <br />which the real estate is located, a Resolution expressly stating <br />that the Village of Elk Grove Village has determined that the <br />incentive provided by Class 6(a) is necessary for development to <br />occur on 2300 Landmeier Road, Elk Grove Village and that the <br />Village of Elk Grove Village supports and consents to the Class <br />6(a) Application to the Assessor; and <br />WHEREAS, ROADWAY EXPRESS, INC. will, as a result of this new <br />construction, develop a new 56 -door trucking terminal on this <br />vacant parcel to serve the Midwest area for over -the -road <br />freight forwarding; and <br />