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DRAPER <br />AND <br />KR.AMER <br />established 1893 <br />J. MICHAEL TRACY <br />Vke President <br />REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT* SALES a MORTGAGES <br />30 west monroe street a chicago, illinois 60603 a (312) 346-8600 <br />TWX 910-221-1265 <br />STATEMENT OF COMMITMENT <br />TO <br />CONSTRUCT PUBLIC SIDEWALK <br />LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF SUBJECT PROPERTY: Lot 3 in the subdivision of that part <br />#68-L-12783 in the Circuit Court and by a line 33 feet Southerly of the center <br />11. East of the Th <br />Draper and Kramer, Inc., Partner: SDK Industrial Parks agrees to construct <br />public sidewalk along Midway Court frontages of the above-described property in <br />the Village of Elk Grove Village immediately upon receiving notice to do so from <br />the Village of Elk Grove Village. We agree to construct all storm sewers and <br />appurtenances required for the public sidewalk construction and will secure all <br />the necessary permits for. the construction. <br />Should the Village of Elk Grove Village award a contract for the sidewalk <br />and/or storm sewer construction, we agree to pay our pro -rata share of the cost. <br />If property ownership is to be transferred prior to the construction of a <br />public sidewalk and/or storm sewer, we agree to require the new owner to execute a <br />"Statement of Commitment to Construct Public Sidewalk" satisfactory to the Village <br />of Elk Grove Village prior to the transfer of ownership. The "Statement of <br />Commitment to Construct Public Sidewalk" will be recorded in the County Clerk's <br />office by the Village of Elk Grove Village and the cost thereof is the <br />responsibility of the applicant. <br />PROPERTY ADDRESS: <br />OWNER (APPLICANT): <br />SIGNATURE/TITLE: <br />JY./ ld <br />ROCII\NOTES <br />1500 Higgins Road <br />Elk Grove Village, Illinois 60007 <br />Draper and Kramer, Inc. <br />33 West Monroe Street <br />Chicago, Illinois 60603 <br />Michael Tracy' Vice Presiden <br />ATLANTA COLUMBUS <br />MILWAUKEE <br />MINNEAPOLIS <br />January 8, 1990 <br />FT. LAUDERDALE <br />ST. LOUIS <br />LOS ANGELES <br />