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- (e7&D <br /> PARZ%1Z.'ZSHZ.?, CC,%IP.;,IY OR CCRIPORATZO3 LZTTMRHZAD <br /> STA.M7MIT OF COMIXTNENT <br /> -TO <br /> CCIVSMUCT PUBLZC SIDE1=1C <br /> Lot 30 in Elk Grove Industrial Park <br /> Unit 17, being a resubdivision in the <br /> LZGAL DZSCRZ�ITZOM OF sL72.7ECT, pRCpSR�� : south 1/2 of Section 3, Township 40 North, <br /> Range 11, East of 1�e ThW Principalt11',LTgt,1Aa alag to �ne F�L-ar <br /> recorded November , 19 as Docume 7NMZT�, eNceptin rnPreirn9mrea0lzl <br /> that Part of said Lot 30 falli I <br /> nQ: within a tract of land conveve to the <br /> Illinois Department of Transportation for road purposes by Deed recorded <br /> Julv 18. 1978 as Document No. R78-65381, in DuPage Countv, Illinois <br /> Trammell Crow ComDanv agrees to construct <br /> (Pa_rtners.;zip, Company, Corporation or Individual) <br /> public sidewalk along the south frontage of the above-desc=ibed property <br /> in t.�e Village of =k Grove Village immed-ately upon receiving nctice to do so <br /> fzc,m t..a Village of Z_';: Grove Village. Pire agree to ccrAst__ct al.! stczw sewers <br /> and avourtenarces re-cuired for t.�e pub!ic sidewalk ccrs=xuct-oz2 and will secure <br /> all t.':e necessary pezziitz for the constzuct-4on. <br /> Should the Village of Z2.k Grove Village award .2 contract for the side- <br /> walk andlor s== sewer const-r'Ucticn, wm agree to pay our pro-rata share of <br /> t:-e ccst. <br /> Zf pr--cezty c-vr.ez-s1i,:o is to be tz-ansfer-red pzicz- to the ccns-,zuc--*on of <br /> a ou-blic sidewalk ardlor stox= sewer, we agree to require the new owner to <br /> executs a "Stateirent of Comai=ent to Install Public Sidewalk" satisfactory to <br /> the Village of Elk Grove Village prior to the transfer of ownership. <br /> Z understand that the sidewalk construction waivez and the "Statement <br /> Of C0zrjn!t­-,e.'7t to Construct Pu-blic Sidewalk" will be recorded in the County <br /> C2ez.k's office by the Village of Elk Grove Village and the cost thereof is the <br /> responsi.bilicy of t:.I:e apolica:�t. <br /> P-Rcpn,?Ty ADDRESS: 1100 Thorndale Avenue <br /> Elk Grove Village, 111.1.1202's <br /> C-N'MR (APPLZCANT) Trammell Crow Company <br /> A=RSSS: OnAa,' Pierce !Sace- Itasca, 11. 60143 <br /> SIG.7ATURE: - <br /> TITLE: Senior Partner <br />