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If an employee incurs a disabling injury or illness arising <br />out of or in the course of employment, an employee will be <br />compensated in the following manner. <br />1. If the certified disability period for the injury <br />or illness is for three (3) work days or less, the <br />employee will receive full pay for time lost. <br />2. If the certified disability period for the injury or <br />illness persists beyond three (3) work days, the <br />statutorily required compensation benefit of 2/3rds full <br />pay will be supplemented by the Village with 1/3rd full <br />pay to provide full pay to an employee for a period not <br />to exceed one (1) year. <br />To be eligible <br />benefit, and t <br />accrual of any <br />the disability <br />a letter of ag <br />following: <br />for the supplemental (1/3 full pay) <br />be eligible for the continuation of or <br />benefits provided by the Village during <br />period, an employee may voluntarily sign <br />reement with the Village certifying the <br />A. That the employee agrees to endorse over to <br />the Village, any injury or illness benefit checks <br />(other than those derived from privately paid <br />insurance policies or other non -Village related <br />services) received by the employee during the <br />period of temporary disability; <br />B. That the employee agrees to submit to any <br />medical authorities chosen by the Village to <br />obtain a medical opinion(s) (at the Village's <br />expense) if it is determined by the Village <br />that a medical opinion(s) is required; and <br />C. That the employee agrees to make every effort <br />to return to work (regular or light duty) <br />as quickly as is practical to do so. <br />3. At no time does an employee forfeit the right to <br />select medical authorities or facilities for obtaining <br />diagnosis or treatment as provided by State Statute. <br />4. If an employee elects not to sign the letter of agree- <br />ment, or fails to abide by that signed agreement, the <br />employee shall be entitled only to the compensation <br />established by the State Statutes, namely two-thirds <br />of base wages. The employee shall also forfeit any <br />supplemental pay, and will cease to accrue any benefits <br />provided by the Village. The employee must pay 100% of <br />all costs associated with Village Group Benefit Plans, <br />if such coverage is desired. <br />5. Any supplemental pay provided to an employee, who <br />subsequently refuses to comply with the voluntary <br />agreement, shall be returned to the Village in full <br />by the employee. <br />6. The one-third (1/3) supplemental benefit will continue <br />(provided the employee abides by the written agreement) <br />for a period not to exceed one (1) calendar year. <br />C. ACCRUAL OF BENEFITS AND ELIGIBILITY FOR GROUP BENEFITS <br />1. Disabled employees who voluntarily sign the letter of <br />agreement cited in Section B (2) will also be eligible to <br />accrue benefits (Vacation, Sick Leave, Floating Holidays, <br />etc.) normally accrued by active employees. They will also <br />be eligible to participate in Group Benefit Plans (Medical, <br />Dental, Life, etc.) at the same rate in which they <br />participated as an active employee. <br />-2- <br />