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2. Disabled employees who voluntarily sign the letter of <br />agreement and who exhaust the one (1) calendar year of <br />supplemental benefits and who are still unable to return <br />to work, will have their benefit reduced to the statutorily <br />required two-thirds (2/3) benefit. Additionally, upon <br />exhausting the supplemental benefit, they will no longer <br />accrue other benefits (Vacation, Sick Pay, Floating <br />Holidays, etc.) which were accrued during the one (1) year <br />full pay period. The disabled employee(s) will also be <br />required to pay 100% of all costs associated with Group <br />Benefit Plans at the end of the initial one (1) year full <br />pay disability period. <br />Disabled employees who choose not to voluntarily sign <br />the letter of agreement cited in Section B (2), will be <br />ineligible to accrue benefits (Vacation, Sick Leave, <br />Floating Holidays, etc.) normally accrued by active <br />employees. These disabled employees will also be required <br />to pay 100% of all costs associated with Group Benefit Plans. <br />UTILIZATION OF ACCRUED BENEFITS <br />Upon Return to Work <br />An employee who is disabled as a result of an injury <br />or illness arising out of, or in the course of, employ- <br />ment, who has continued to accrue benefits (Vacation and <br />Floating Holidays), may or may not, upon their return to <br />work, have an opportunity to utilize those benefits in <br />the current calendar year. <br />When the injured employee returns to work, that employee <br />shall meet with their supervisor to determine if there <br />is sufficient time remaining in the calendar year to <br />utilize these benefits (Vacation and Floating Holidays) <br />considering the work load of the department. If sufficient <br />time remains in the calendar year to schedule these days, <br />and the needs of the department are such that they can be <br />scheduled, they shall be scheduled. <br />If insufficient time remains in the calendar year to <br />schedule these days, or the needs of the department are <br />such that the scheduling of such days are impractical, the <br />employee will be allowed to carry over such days into the <br />following calendar year. No further carryover will be <br />allowed. Fixed Holidays celebrated during the employee's <br />absence from work will not be re -scheduled nor carried over. <br />2. If Unable to Return to Work <br />If, as a result of a work related injury, it is deter- <br />mined that an employee is disabled to the extent that <br />the employee cannot return to work, the employee so <br />affected shall have payment for accrued Vacation days <br />and Floating Holidays upon separation. No compensation <br />will be given for fixed holidays celebrated while the <br />employee was off. <br />Compensation shall be at a rate equal to the employee's <br />rate of pay in effect on their last work day prior to <br />the injury. <br />Supplemental Use of Accrued Vacation <br />and Floating Ho i ay Benefits <br />Employees, who are disabled as a result of a work <br />related injury or illness, and who have exhausted the <br />one-third (1/3) supplemental benefit as identified in <br />Section B (2) and B (3), and who have accrued benefits in <br />-3- <br />