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FRa OHGO 241 (REV 11130184) NS <br />SUGGESTED RESOLUTION FOR ENACTMENT <br />Continental Illinois National <br />RESOLVED, that the Bank & Trust Company of Chicago —utilize the services of <br />(Nome of Financial Institution) <br />Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago for the custody of securities pledged to the Village of Elk Grove Village <br />(Name of Public Body (pledgee)) <br />or to any of its agencies or departments, upon terms and conditions prescribed by the Federal Reserve Bank of <br />Chicago. <br />RESOLVED, that such securities deposited for custody with Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago maybe released from <br />custody to Continental Illinois National Bank $ Trust Company upon the signature of: <br />(Name of Financial Institution) <br />Signature of one of following: Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer <br />(Show how many signatures are required: e.g., "any two of the following, Treasurer, <br />Clerk, President." List only titles of those authorized: e.g., Treasurer, Clerk, President. Do <br />not insert names of persons.) <br />RESOLVED, that the Village of Elk Grove Village Clerk forward a certified copy of this <br />(Name of Pledgee) <br />resolution to Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago together with a certificate attesting to the names and signatures of <br />the present incumbents of the offices described above; and that the Village of ELk Grove Village <br />(Name of Pledgee) <br />Clerk further certify to the bank from time to time the signatures of any successors in office of any of the present <br />incumbents. <br />RESOLVED, that Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago shall be fully discharged from all liabilities or responsibility for <br />any action carred out in accordance with this resolution and it shall be entitled to rely on this resolution until itreceives <br />express written notice to the contrary in the form of a certified copy of a subsequently enacted resolution. <br />RESOLVED, that this resolution shall supersede and cancel all previous resolutions relating to the custody of <br />securities at Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. <br />I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of a Resolution of the Board of Trustees <br />(Name of Goueming Board) <br />of the Village of Elk Grove Villae®dopted at a meeting of said Board of Trustees <br />(Nome of Pledgee) (Nome of Governing Board) <br />duly called and held on the 23 day of February 19_2_ a <br />quorum being present, as said Resolution remains of record in the minutes of said meeting, and it is now in full force <br />and effect. <br />23 <br />Dated the day of February 19 88 <br />Clerk - VIIIage, Clem <br />SIGNATURE GUARNATEED <br />(Corporate Seal) Continental Illinois National <br />Bank & Trust Company of Chicago <br />(Name of Depository Institution) <br />By: David L. AtkinsfQl���% (CCXt(-nL <br />Title: Vice President <br />(The clerk's signature on the certification of the resolution <br />and his signature and the signatures of those authorized <br />to act for the pledgee contained in the signature certifica- <br />tion should be guaranteed by a financial institution that (Depository Institution Seal) <br />maintains an account with the Federal Reserve Bank) <br />Pledge Account <br />