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TERMS AND CONDITIONS REGARDING THE USE <br />OF ELK GROVE VILLAGE HALL MEETING ROOMS <br />The terms and conditions set forth below govern the use of <br />the Village of Elk Grove meeting rooms. The Village of Elk <br />Grove welcomes the use of its meeting rooms for socially useful <br />and cultural activities and discussion of current public <br />questions. Such meeting places will be available on equal <br />terms to all groups in the community. <br />Elk Grove Village meeting rooms are available (1) for public <br />activities and functions, and (2) for civic, cultural and <br />public information or events of Elk Grove Village groups. <br />Commercial, social, or politically partisan meetings do not <br />fall within these categories. Elk Grove groups are defined <br />as organizations which are chartered in Elk Grove Village <br />or whose membership is comprised primarily of Elk Grove Village <br />residents. All meetings must be open to the public. <br />Use of the Village meeting rooms for Village -sponsored programs <br />shall have priority over all other requests. Reservations <br />are made when rooms are available. Applications for room <br />use should be made to the Village Manager's Office (Attention: <br />Mary Welch) as much in advance as possible, but no less than <br />four weeks. Reservations cannot be accepted for more than <br />three months in advance. Application for use of the facilities <br />does not guarantee approval of their use. The agent signing <br />the application must be responsible to the Village for <br />facilities. In case of cancellations by a group, the agent <br />will be responsible for notifying the Manager's Office at <br />least one week before the date scheduled. <br />Meetings which would interfere with the functions of the Village <br />and its patrons because of noise or other factors will not <br />be permitted. <br />Classes involving the use of hazardous materials such as paints <br />and chemicals are not permitted. Neither the name, address <br />nor telephone number of Elk Grove Village may be used as the <br />address or headquarters for any group using the village for <br />meeting purposes. Groups using the Village meeting rooms <br />shall not post signs. <br />No charge is made for use of the Village's facilities and <br />no admission fee may be charged or donations collected for <br />programs. <br />The scheduling of a meeting for any group or organization <br />in the Village Hall or any municipal building does not <br />constitute, in any way, an endorsement by the Village of the <br />organization or its activities. <br />...please continue <br />