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® .FECO 1. IANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA <br /> GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA <br /> FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY <br /> OF AMERICA <br /> SAFEcCO HOME OFFICE:SAFECO PLAZA <br /> C a_ . SEATTLE,WASHINGTON 98185 <br /> SUBDIVISION PERFORMANCE POND <br /> COMPLETION GUARANTY BOND NUMBER 5007488 <br /> ---------- ------------- <br /> DATE June 6, 1986 AMOUNT $1434084. 00 <br /> PROJECT NAME SECTION 23B RESLIB <br /> COMPLETION DATE AUGUST 1 , 1989 NO EXPIRATION DATE <br /> ------------------------------------------------------------------ <br /> KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, That we, CENTEX HOMES ENTERPRISES INC. <br /> (hereinafter called the Principal ) , as Principal . located at B87 <br /> Wilmette Suite C. in the City of Palatine, County of Cook, State of <br /> Illinois., and Safeco Insurance Company of America (hereinafter called <br /> the "Surety" a surety company organized and existing under the Laws of <br /> the State of Washington, with its principal office located at the <br /> Blanchard Building in the City of Seattle, State of Washington, and <br /> authorized to conduct a surety business in the State of Illinois, as <br /> surety, are indebted, held and firmly bound unto the Village of E'_ l:: <br /> Grove, hereinafter called the "Village" (Obligee) located at 901 <br /> Wellington Avenue in Elk Grove Village, Counties of Cool: and Du age. <br /> State of Illinois. as obligee in the Just and full sum of $1 , 4._4. 084. 00 <br /> (ONE MILLION FOUR HUNDRED THIRTY-FOUR THOUSAND EIGHTY-FOUR ) Lawful U. <br /> S. Dollars, for the payment of which sum, well and truly to be made, <br /> that said Principal and surety bind our=_elves, our legal <br /> representatives, our respective heirs, administrators, executors and <br /> successors, and assigns jointly and severally, firmly by these <br /> presents. <br /> WHEREAS. Surety hereby agrees that no modifications, omissions, or <br /> additions in onto the engineering plans and specifications referred to <br /> herein, shall in any manner affect the obligations of Surety on it' s <br /> bond. <br /> FURTHER, that said Principal shall fully indemnify, save harmless, and <br /> Surety shall reimburse said Village of Ell: Grove Village for any loss <br /> that said Village of Ell: Grove Village may suffer through the failure <br /> of said Principal to faithfully and properly perform the installlation <br /> of the public site improvements as described above, The Surety shell <br /> reimburse said Village for any loss that the Village may suffer through <br /> the failure of said Principal to faithfully observe and perform each <br /> and every obligation and dutimposed upon the Principal to <br /> satisfactorily construct said public <br /> ic site improvements, by the first <br /> day of August; 1989, hereinafter called "Completi.on Date" . <br /> FURTHER, in consideration for the principals satisfactory installation <br /> of the aforementioned improvements., the Village of Elk Grove shall with <br /> accompanying documentation, valid waivers of lien approve bond <br /> resolution requests in incrementtal sums for the completed underground <br /> and surface improvement=_.. <br />