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TRAVEL REGULATIONS - VILLAGE OF ELK GROVE VILLAGE <br />I. GENERAL <br />The purpose of this regulation is to set forth the <br />policies governing travel expenses and to describe certain <br />procedural matters concerning travel authorization, <br />documentation and accounting. The Village's objectives <br />are to allow travel arrangements that (1) conserve funds, <br />(2) provide uniform treatment and allow travel in a manner <br />that is dignified and reflects credit on the Village of <br />Elk Grove Village. This regulation is applicable for all <br />travel expenses incurred on behalf of the Village by <br />employees, elected officials, and Board of Commission <br />members. <br />Decisions as to which trips are authorized are made <br />through the budget formulation process but, in general, no <br />more than one national and one state conference outside <br />the Chicago area may be authorized for any department head <br />in any fiscal year and, in each case, must be approved in <br />advance. Attendance at other meetings outside the Chicago <br />Metropolitan Area may be authorized when the department <br />head is an active participant in the national and/or state <br />organization. The Village manager shall approve all <br />travel requests and advance of funds estimated to cost <br />$700.00. Attendance at various local professional and <br />technical conferences and meetings are authorized as funds <br />and duty conditions permit. Good judgment and a proper <br />regard for economy is expected in incurring travel expense <br />on behalf of the Village of Elk Grove Village. <br />There is no objection to a spouse and/or other family <br />members traveling on an official trip, but no expenses <br />attributable to them will be reimbursed by the Village. <br />Where this regulation does not cover the situation, the <br />Village Manager may authorize exceptions. <br />1.2 A travel advance, in an amount not to exceed the budgeted <br />provision for the trip, may be secured by use of the <br />Travel Advance Form. If the travel advance is for a <br />Date 03/01/85 Page 1 <br />