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RESOLUTION NO. 17-85 <br />A RESOLUTION SUPPORTING BOTH THE RETENTION OF THE STATE <br />AND LOCAL FISCAL ASSISTANT ACT OF 1972, AS AMENDED <br />(THE REVENUE SHARING ACT), AND THE EXTENSION OF THE <br />ACT BEYOND ITS CURRENT EXPIRATION DATE <br />WHEREAS, proposals have been made to terminate the State <br />and Local Fiscal Assistance Act of 1972, as amended (The Revenue Sharing <br />Act) in October, 1985 rather than October, 1986 as scheduled in order <br />to reduce Federal budget deficit, and <br />WHEREAS, this program is critical to many units of local <br />government within the United States in the support of programs and services <br />provided; and in many cases, is the only Federal assistance provided <br />for their operational needs, and <br />WHEREAS, the major intent of the original Act and amendments <br />was to redistribute Federal funds to eligible governments for their discretionary <br />use on viable programs and activities, and <br />WHEREAS, the termination of this program raises the possibility <br />of either reduced services and project cut backs or increased taxes and <br />fees to fund such services or projects, and <br />WHEREAS, the proposed funding level for the entitlement <br />period equals less than 43 of 1% of the proposed Federal budget and realistically, <br />cuts or reductions in funding for programs on the Federal level with <br />less overall impact then Revenue Sharing should receive greater priority. <br />NOW, THEREFORE -BE IT RESOLVED BY THE PRESIDENT AND BOARD <br />OF TRUSTEES OF THE VILLAGE OF ELK GROVE VILLAGE, COOK AND DUPAGE COUNTIES, <br />ILLINOIS, that: <br />Section 1. The State and Local Fiscal Assistance Act of <br />1972, as Amended (The Revenue Sharing Act) should not be terminated any <br />earlier than the original extension date, that being October 31, 1986. <br />Section 2. Senate Bill, 5.318 along with House Bill, H.R.796, <br />both introduced to extend the program beyond October 31, 1986 should <br />be supported by the full Senate and House of Representatives when formally <br />considered. <br />