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GRANT AGREEMENT <br />IT IS AGREED BY AND BETWEEN THE STATE OF ILLINOIS EMERGENCY SERVICES AND <br />DISASTER AGENCY, AS FIRST PARTY (HEREIN CALLED SESDA) AND THE UNDERSIGNED <br />POLITICAL SUBDIVISION, AS SECOND PARTY (HEREIN CALLED THE PROGRAM APPLICANT) <br />AS FOLLOWS: <br />Purpose and term of Grant. This grant is made to the villaae <br />Of Elk Grove Village- in support of maintaining the operational <br />readiness of emergency operating centers, alerting and warning systems, <br />and emergency communications systems. The period of performance for <br />this Agreement shall be July 1, 1984 through June 30, 1985. <br />Use. Use shall be as prescribed in the Civil Preparedness Guide <br />CPG) 1-3, Federal Assistance Handbook: Emergency Management, <br />Directional and Control Programs (Federal Emergency Management <br />Agency) and the SESDA rules. <br />Billing. The Program Applicant shall submit a reimbursement request <br />45 days following the end of each quarter. Requests shall include <br />detailed information as to the services received and any expenses <br />billed shall be itemized in accordance with applicable State and <br />Federal Regulations. <br />Payment. Reimbursement is generally limited to one-half of eligible <br />costs under the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Maintenance <br />and Services program. The estimated reimbursement for Elk Grove Village <br />will be $ 3,000 <br />Recovery of Funds. All funds remaining at the end of the Agreement <br />terms shall e returned to SEADA within 45 days. <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF, THE PARTIES HERETO HAVE SET THEIR HANDS THIS <br />DAY OF 19_ <br />EMERGENCY SERVICES AND DISASTER <br />AGENCY, STATE OF ILLINOIS <br />BY:ert,Q <br />Juanita Y. Morris <br />TITLE: Federal Programs Manager. <br />THE villageOF Elk Grove Village <br />Political subdivision <br />BY: <br />Authorized Official <br />TITLE: <br />