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IN <br />CONTINUATION CERTIFICATE <br />SAFECO INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA <br />GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA <br />FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY <br />OF AMERICA <br />HOME OFFICE: SAFECO PLAZA <br />SEATTLE, WASHINGTON 98185 <br />SAFECO INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA. Seattle, Washington. Surety upon <br />a certain Bond No. 4387000 <br />dated effective 4/6/82 <br />(MONTH -DAY -YEAR) <br />on behalf of CENTEX FOMES MI94LSC, I11C. <br />(PRINCIPAL) <br />and in favor of VILLAGE OF ELF GROVE, ILLINOIS <br />(OBLIGEE) <br />does hereby continue said bond in force for the further period <br />beginning on 4/6/84 <br />(MONTH -DAY -YEAR) <br />and ending on 4/6/£5 <br />(MONTH -DAY -YEAR) <br />Amount of bond SEVENTY--NDTE THOUSAND ARID NO/100 -------------- Dollars (S 79, 000.00 ) <br />Description of Bond: subdivision improvements (except those wit -lain Franklin and <br />Union Circle) <br />Premium: S* 134.00 <br />PROVIDED: That this continuation certificate does not create a new obligation and is executed upon the express condi- <br />tion and provision that the Surety's liability under said bond and this and all Continuation Certificates issued in connection <br />therewith shall not be cumulative and that said Suretv's aggregate liability under said bund and this and all such Continua- <br />tion Certificates on account of all defaults committed during the period (regardless of the number of years) said bund has <br />been and shall be in force, shall not in any event exceed the amount of said bond as hereinbefore set forth. `E COMp,�A. <br />Sided and dated on 4/6/£44►p0.POR4r��O <br />(MONTH - DAY - YEAR .- cg' <br />SEAL <br />SAFECO INSURANCE COM' NY :FAMERICA <br />�y <br />fl�1953 <br />OF WASH\N6��P <br />SUSA - PREL`A Attorney -in -Fact <br />S-1225 R3 8/81 RRINTEO IN U.S.A, <br />