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May 16, 1984 <br />T0: Charles A. Willis, Village Manager <br />FROM: <br />Ray L. R6terson, Village Engineer <br />SUBJECT: HIGGINS/KING TRAFFIC SIGNAL <br />- LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING WITH IDOT <br />Attached for signature by the Village President are two <br />copies of the Letter of Understanding with IDOT for the proposed <br />traffic signal at Higgins Rd. and King St. <br />A summary of the agreement follows: <br />1) The State will pay all construction and <br />engineering costs. <br />2) The State will pay for 75% of the maintenance <br />costs. _ <br />3) The Village will pay 100% of the energy costs. <br />4) The Village shall pass an ordinance prohibiting <br />parking adjacent to the improvement on the <br />approaches within the Corporate Limits. This <br />has been done by Ordinance No.'s 674, 918 and 925. <br />I recommend the execution of this Letter of Understanding. <br />The Agreement, parking ban ordinances and the attached copy of <br />"Plan Approval" must be returned to IDOT, Attn: Mr. Ben La'O, <br />Bureau of Traffic. <br />RLP:pp <br />Attachment <br />