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its revenue bonds upon the terms and conditions stated in such <br /> Memorandum of Agreement for the purpose of defraying the cost of <br /> acquiring, constructing and equipping the Project (as defined in <br /> the Memorandum of Agreement) and that the same is declared to be <br /> for a public purpose and to be a matter pertaining to the government <br /> and affairs of the Issuer. <br /> SECTION 3 : This Resolution shall be in full force and <br /> effect upon its passage and approval . <br /> PASSED this 9th day of October 1984. <br /> AYES: 6 <br /> NAYS : 0 <br /> ABSENT: 0 <br /> APPROVED this 9th day of October 1984. <br /> Charles J. Zettek <br /> President <br /> ATTEST: <br /> Ilafern Snick <br /> Acting Village Clerk <br /> -2- <br />