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SUBDIVISION PERFORMANCE BOND <br /> Completion Guaranty <br /> Bond No. 4930328 <br /> Date August 16, 1984 <br /> Amount ($ 575,150.00) <br /> KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, That we, <br /> Project Name Fox Run <br /> CENTER HOMES CORPORATION, IL.DIV. Section 26 <br /> (hereinafter called the Principal) , as <br /> Completion Date <br /> Principal, located at 887 E. Wilmette <br /> Road, Suite C <br /> No Expiration Date <br /> in the (City/Village/Town) of <br /> Palatine , <br /> County of Cook , State of Illinois and Safeco Insurance <br /> _QoWv of_America (hereinafter called the "Surety", a surety company <br /> organized and existing under the Laws of the State of Washington with <br /> its principal office located at Blanchard Building <br /> in the (City/Village/Town) of Seattle State of <br /> Washington , and authorized to conduct a surety business in <br /> the State of Illinois, as surety, are indebted, held and firmly bound unto the <br /> Village of Elk Grove, hereinafter called the "Village" (Obligee) located at <br /> 901 wellington Avenue in Elk Grove Village, Counties of Cook and DuPage, State <br /> of Illinois, as obligee in the just and full sum of Five Hundred Sewnnty Five <br /> Thousand One Hundred Fifty and no/100 ------ 575 150.00 <br /> ($ , ) Lawful U. S. Dol- <br /> lars, for the payment of which sum, well and truly to be made, that said Prin- <br /> cipal and surety bind ourselves, our legal representatives, our respective heirs, or <br /> administrators, executors and successors, and assigns jointly and severally, <br /> firmly by these presents. <br /> WHEREAS, the conditions of this is such that, the above bounded Principal <br /> has filed approved engineering plans and specifications for the "Project" titled <br /> Improvement Plans fdr Faux Run Section 26 <br />