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TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the above described premises unto Lessee from <br />the first day of Apirl 1982, to and including the 31st of <br />March , 1987, subject to the following provisions: <br />1). During the term of this or subsequent leases, the Lessee shall <br />carry a liability insurance policy approved by the Village Attorney, in <br />an amount of: <br />A. Bodily Injury .............. $500,000.00 <br />B. Bodily Injury .............. $500,000.00 <br />each occurrence <br />C. Property Damage ........... $100,000.00 <br />each occurrence <br />D. Combined Single Limit <br />of Bodily Injury and/or <br />Property Damage ............ $1,000.000.00 <br />which names the Lessor as an additional insured and provides the Lessor <br />with a certificate of insurance. The Lessee shall hold the Lessor harmless <br />from any and all claims and liabilities whatsoever. <br />2). The Lessee shall not assign, transfer or sublease this property <br />or any part thereof to any person, group or corporation without first <br />having secured the approval of the Lessor. <br />3). The Lessee agrees that no improvements located on the leased <br />property or the use of said property shall cause an unreasonable hardship <br />or inconvenience to the adjacent properties. The Lessee further agrees <br />to promptly eliminate said problems within a reasonable time after <br />notification by the Lessor. Failure to eliminate said problem shall <br />render this lease null and void. <br />4). The Lessee shall cause the property to be developed or re- <br />developed according to a development plan to be prepared by Lessee and <br />approved by the Village President and Board of Trustees which plan is <br />marked Exhibit A, and attached hereto. This lease shall become null and <br />void if improvements are begun by Lessee prior to approval by the Village. <br />5). Upon approval by the Village Engineer of engineering plans <br />submitted by the Lessee, the Lessee at its expense, shall install all <br />improvements included in the development plan approved under Section 4 of <br />this Agreement. This lease shall become null and void if all improvements <br />included in the development plan are not installed. <br />- 2 - <br />