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Page 2 of 2 <br /> C) prior to request for fifty percent (50%) payment for Step 3 grant, <br /> the of will submit adequate <br /> evidence (for example, a draft of a sewer use ordinance) of timely <br /> development of a sewer use ordinance, and prior to request for <br /> eighty percent (80%) payment of the Step 3 grant, the <br /> of will furnish a satisfactory sewer use <br /> ordinance. <br /> An industrial user is any non-governmental user of the treatment works provided <br /> through the grant project which is identified in the Standard Industrial Classi- <br /> fication Manual, 1972, Office of Management and Budget and the following Divisions: <br /> Division A - Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing <br /> Division B - Mining <br /> Division D - Manufacturing <br /> Division E - Transportation, Communications, Electric, Gas, <br /> and Sanitary Services <br /> Division I - Services <br /> However, a user in the listed divisions may be excluded from the classification <br /> of industrial user (and, accordingly, may be excluded from the requirements of <br /> industrial cost recovery) if that user will introduce primarily segregated <br /> .domestic waste or wastes from sanitary conveniences. <br /> A significant industrial user is one that will contribute greater than 10 <br /> percent of the design flow or design pollutant loading of the treatment works. <br /> 23rd November 82 <br /> Resolved this day of 19 . <br /> Name. /Z�_�V/ <br /> 6/ <br /> Title: village President <br /> (Mayor, Village Pres. , etc.) <br /> Certified to be a true and accurate copy, passed and adopted on the above <br /> date. <br /> A <br /> Title: Village Clerk <br /> (Clerk, Secretary, etc.) <br /> KRR/dkt m /d <br /> 9/2/75 <br /> IL 532-0912 <br /> wpr ip? i P? <br />