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JRPORATION (Checking) <br />RESOLUTIONS OF BOARD OF DIRECTORS <br />I, Fav M. Bishop , Do Hereby Certify that I am <br />Village Clerk <br />the duly alrevedx/ appointed and qualified Swxamry and keeper of the corporate seal and of the minutes and <br />records of the Village of Elk Grove Village , <br />(Name of Corporation in full) <br />a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of Illinois <br />(Name of State Where Organized) <br />and that the following is a true and correct copy of certain resolutions duly adopted at a meeting of the <br />Board of Directors thereof, convened and held in accordance with law and the by-laws of said corporation <br />on May 72 19 al a quorum being present, and that such resolutions are <br />(Date of Meeting) <br />now in full force and effect, have not been recinded or modified and are not in contravention of, or in <br />conflict with the by-laws or the charter or articles of said Corporation, and that the following resolutions <br />also constitute an agreement by said Corporation with the Bank of Elk Grove, in respect to the matters <br />herein set forth: <br />Be It Resolved, that the Bank of Elk Grove, Elk Grove Village, Illinois (hereinafter sometimes <br />referred to as the "Bank") be and hereby is designated as a depository in which the funds of this <br />Corporation may be deposited by its officers, agents and employees, and that such officers, agents and <br />employees shall be and each of them hereby is authorized to open and maintain an account or accounts with <br />said Bank and to endorse for deposit or negotiation any and all checks, drafts, notes, bills of exchange, and <br />orders for the payment of money, either belonging to or coming into possession of this Corporation. <br />Endorsements for deposit may be made in writing or by a stamp and without designation of the person so <br />endorsing, and it being understood and agreed that on all such items deposited all prior endorsements are <br />guaranteed by this Corporation whether or not expressly incorporated therein, <br />Be It Further Resolved, that any nne of the following <br />(Number of Signatures Required) <br />V177age Treacnrar Asci scant Vi l lagp Treacnrar n Arrnnnt]na Manager <br />of Officers and/or agents, employes or other persons authorized m sign checks) <br />of this Corporation is/are authorized to sign any and all checks, drafts, and orders, including orders or <br />directions in informal or letter form, against any funds at any time standing to the credit of this Corporation <br />with the said Bank, and/or against any account or accounts of this Corporation with said Bank, and that <br />said Bank is hereby authorized to honor any and all checks, drafts and orders so signed, including those <br />drawn to the individual order of any such officer and/or agent, employee or other person signing the same, <br />without further inquiry as to the circumstances of their issue, use or disposition of the proceeds thereof; and <br />to make and from time to time continue to make arrangements and to issue such instructions as to him/them <br />shall seem proper for the conduct of any such account or accounts. <br />60-27B <br />