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Prc ct Elk Grove Village - Step 2 <br />C17 2318-02 <br />RESOLUTION OF INTENT REGARDING <br />INITIATION OF DESIGN (STEP 2) WORK <br />;1hereas, regulations of tha U. S. Environmental Protection <br />Agency for grants for construction of sewage treatment works, <br />40 CFR 35 E require that design work (preparation of final plans <br />and specifications) not be initiated after November 1, 1974 prior <br />to approval of a facilities plan and require that design work not <br />be initiated after June 30, 1975 prior to approval of a Step 2 grant; <br />therefore, be it resolved by the Village of <br />Elk Grove Village that initiation of design work will be in <br />compliance with said conditions and that it is fully understood <br />that non-compliance with these requirements for prior approval <br />prior to initiation of design work will result in previously <br />incurred costs being ineligible for grant assistance (40 CFR 35.925-18). <br />Resolved this 16th <br />clay of December 19 80 <br />Name: <br />Title: Village Wesidgrd <br />(Mayor, Village Pres., etc.) <br />Certified to be a true and accurate copy, passed and adopted <br />cn the above date. <br />Name: �•_�Z� .,_ %r, r�?/c<�i`,� <br />(SEAL) ,a ✓ <br />Title: <br />Clerk, Secretary, etc.) <br />RRR/dkt <br />9/2/75 <br />