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r <br />Prr'ectLil: ri�,ve .y�l�_e-eater <br />C17 1'31/ <br />RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING A <br />REPRESENTATIVE TO SIGN <br />GRANT DOCUMENTS <br />Whereas, regulations of the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency <br />for grants for construction of sewage treatment works, 40 CFR 35 E, <br />require that the Village of Elk Grove Village authorize a <br />representative to sign the grant application forms and supporting <br />documents; therefore, be it resolved by the Village <br />of <br />E! 1, 4rove Villaaethat Charles A. Willis is hereby authorized to <br />sign all grant application forms and documents pursuant to the Federal <br />Water Pollution Control Act. <br />Resolved this 16th day of <br />December 19 80 . <br />Name <br />Title• Village Presidt <br />(Mayor, Village President, etc.) <br />Certified to be a true and accurate copy, passes and adopted on the <br />above date. <br />(SI?AL) <br />KRR/dkt <br />3/10/76 <br />Name: �� �u.� ✓ir % C -e.' �a...-e� <br />Title: Village Clerk <br />(Clerk, Secretary, etc.) <br />