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EXHIBIT "A" <br />ELK GROVE VILLAGE RESPONSIBILITIES AS A MANAGEMENT AGENCY <br />Responsibilities for Controlling Point Sources of Water Pollution <br />A. Implementation of Section 201 Facilities Plan <br />To complete a required sewer system evaluation study for the separate <br />sewer systems. The Village has applied for Federal grant monies to <br />conduct sewer system evaluation studies to be completed within a five- <br />year period if funds are available. <br />B. Water Conservation <br />1. The Village has modified its building/plumbing codes in all new <br />developments to require the installation of water conservation <br />plumbing fixtures. <br />2. The Village requires metering of all new developments. <br />3. The Village revised its pricing policies in October, 1976. <br />4. The Village instituted public education programs to reduce water <br />consumption. <br />C. Phosphate Detergent Ban <br />The Village shall consider the adoption of an ordinance banning the <br />sale of high phosphate laundry detergents for domestic use. This <br />would be in response to an area -wide action by all municipalities <br />in Cook County. <br />II. Non -Point Source Pollution from Storm Water Runoff <br />A. Stormwater Detention <br />The Village has already enacted stormwater detention requirements to <br />limit runoff from newly developing areas. The Village agrees to <br />cooperate with the local committee in developing consistency among <br />local ordinances and determining standards. <br />B. Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control <br />The Village will cooperate with the local committee in the development <br />of consistent soil erosion and sedimentation control regulations. <br />The Village will consider adoption of a soil erosion and sedimentation <br />ordinance which will meet the 208 requirements. <br />C. Implementation Programs <br />The Village will work with other local agencies through the local committee <br />management structure to develop and implement a program to reduce pollutants <br />from stormwater runoff and develop plans and standards. <br />D. Material Storage Controls <br />The Village shall consider an ordinance to control surface runoff from <br />open storage yards containing industrial stockpiles and materials which <br />might go into solution or be carried away be stormwater runoffs. <br />E. De-icing Practices <br />Through the local committee, the Village will participate in programs <br />designed to control the application of de-icing materials, to train <br />personnel in proper application methods and to use proper equipment <br />to minimize any negative water quality impacts. <br />III. Responsibilities for Control of Non -Point Sources other than Stormwater Runoff <br />A. Regulation of On -Site Disposal Systems <br />The Village has already adopted the practice of prohibiting the <br />installation of any new septic systems. <br />