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RECEIVED <br />LIAR :. 8 .1 "78 <br />YIlL16E CLEM MICE <br />ANNEXATION AGREEMENT <br />THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into this 11th day of <br />April , 1978, by and between the VILLAGE OF ELK <br />GROVE VILLAGE, a municipal corporation organized and existing <br />under and by virtue of the laws of the State of. Illinois (herein- <br />after referred to as "the VILLAGE") by and through its President <br />and Board of Trustees (hereinafter referred to collectively as <br />"the Corporate Authorities"), and JOHN F. PALUMBO AND ESTHER A. <br />PALUMBO, his wife, and LANCER CORPORATION, an Illinois Corporation <br />(hereinafter referred to as "the OWNERS"), <br />W I T N E S S E T H• <br />WHEREAS JOHN F. PALUMBO AND ESTHER A. PALUMBO, his wife, are <br />the owners of record of certain real estate, the legal description <br />of which is set forth on Exhibit "A", attached hereto, made a <br />part hereof and incorporated herein by reference (which real <br />estate consists of approximately thirty-four (34) acres and is <br />hereinafter referred to as "the subject property") and which <br />real estate adjoins, abuts and is contiguous to corporate limits <br />of the Village of Elk Grove Village, Illinois; and <br />WHEREAS JOHN F. PALUMBO AND ESTHER A. PALUMBO, his wife, <br />have entered into a certain contract dated the 27th day of <br />Mardi , 19 78, to sell the subject property to LANCER <br />CORPORATION; and <br />WHEREAS the subject property constitutes territory which is <br />contiguous to and may be annexed to the VILLAGE OF ELK GROVE VILLAGE, <br />Illinois, as provided in Article 7 of the Illinois <br />1 <br />