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RESOLUTION NO. 27-77 <br />A RESOLUTION URGING THE ILLINOIS ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY TO <br />CONTINUE TO SERVE THE PUBLIC OF THE STATE AND PUBLIC HEALTH <br />THROUGH TESTING OF PUBLIC WATER SUPPLIES <br />WHEREAS, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and its predecessors <br />have for many years recognized the necessity for the public good to require <br />periodic routine and occurence generated special microbiological testing of <br />public water supplies in the State and in recognition and support thereof provided <br />such testing without charge and continues to be equipped so to do; and <br />WHEREAS, purportedly because of bugetary limitations the agency has given <br />notice it will cease such testing activities; and <br />WHEREAS, many public water supplies, particularly in smaller communities <br />do not and cannot afford and maintain certifiedlaboratories to do such testing, <br />nor do they have such laboratories conveniently available to them; and <br />WHEREAS, if the Agency should be found to suspend its traditional furnishing <br />of testing services, it will lessen the effectiveness of the testing program, and <br />will increase the problems of enforcing testing requirements, and will increase the <br />danger to the public health of latently unsafe public water supplies; and <br />WHEREAS, such suspension would further cause substantiel increased cost, time <br />delays and inconvenience to the public in the operation of public water supplies, <br />particularly in smaller communities throughout the State. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the President and Board of Trustees of the <br />Village of Elk Grove Village, Counties of Cook and DuPage, State of Illinois: <br />That the Governor of the State of Illinois, and the Director of the Environ- <br />mental Protection Agency, be, and they are hereby, requested and urged to re-examine <br />the position of the Agency with a view toward continuing to serve the public of the <br />State and the public health thereof by continuing to fund and support water supply <br />safety and the monitoring thereof through continuing the microbiological testing <br />services of the Agency as it has traditionally been conducted, which continuance <br />this Board views as necessary to the public health, safety and welfare of the <br />State. <br />PASSED this 26th day of April 1 1977, <br />