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RESOLUTION NO. 13-75 <br />A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE VILLAGE <br />PRESI.DE'M' AND THE VILLAGE CLERK TO EXECUTE <br />WARRANTY DEF,DS CONVEYING CERTAIN PROPERTY <br />TO 'I'}IE ELK GROVE PARI: DISTRICT <br />WHE'RKA S, the Vil.lage'of Elk Grove Village is the legal owner <br />of certain property located within the Village of Elk Grove Village, <br />and legally described on Exhibit A and B, attached hereto and incorpo- <br />rated he.rcin; and <br />WHEREAS, the Board of Park Commissioners of the Elk Grove Park <br />District, Cook County, Illinois, a park district authorized and exist- <br />ing under the Park Di -strict Code of the Statutes of the State of Illinois, <br />has by ordinance declared that it is convenient for it to use, occupy <br />and improve said real estate in the making of a public improvement <br />and for public purposes, and <br />WHEREAS, it is deemed by the Board of Park Commissioners of <br />the Elk Grove Park District and by the Board of Trustees of the <br />Village of Elk Grove Village to be in the best interest of the citizens <br />of the aforesaid municipality to convey all legal right, title and <br />interest in said property to the Elk ;Grove Park District to the con- <br />tinued use of said property as a park for the citizens of the Village. <br />NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, by the President and Board of <br />Trustees of the Village, of Elk Grove Village, Counties of Cook and <br />DuPage, as follows: <br />Section 1: That the Village President and the Village Clerk <br />are hereby authorized to execute warranty deeds, copies of which are <br />at,-..iched Hereto as Exhibits A and B and incorporated herein, thereby <br />conveying certain properties therein described to the Elk Grove <br />Park District. <br />