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THIRD AGREEMENT BET':'EEP2 D�1'a'1C'�f! YER <br />BUS SERVICE INC. AVID THE VILLI','': OF <br />ELK GROVE VILLAGE TO kENDEF; Cili:hiUTER <br />SERVICE <br />1. PARTIES TO CONTRACT: <br />The Davidsmeyer Bus Service, Inc., hereinafter called the "Company", an <br />Illinois corporation, and the Village of Elk Grov Village, hereinafter <br />called the "Village", do hereby enter into a mutually beneficial contract <br />for the implementation, operation and evaluation of a commuter bus <br />service for residents of Elk Grove Village. <br />2. TE;,MS Of CONTRACT: <br />A. Period: This contract shall begin on March 1, 1975 and terminate on <br />August 30, 1975. <br />B. Cancellation: The contract, or any extension thereof, may be cancelled <br />by either party giving written notice to the other party at least sixty <br />(60) days in advance of the desired cancellation date. <br />3. COMPENSATION: Upon invoicing by the company on the 5th day of each month <br />giving the information required by Exhibit A, attached, the Village shall <br />pay the Company at the rate of $5.05 per hour plus 56¢ per mile per vehicle <br />as measured from the first and last stops for actual operations which involve <br />passengers. Deadhead runs are to be paid 1/2 regular rates. A deadhead run <br />is defined as a trip between the Company's bus storage location at 2513 E. <br />Higgins Road and the first passenger pick-up or the last passenger discharge <br />location. <br />4. COMPANY RESPONSIBILITIES: <br />A. The Company agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Village of Elk <br />Grove Village, its Trustees, Officers, Officials and Employees from any <br />and all losses, claims, actions, costs, expenses, judgments, subrogations <br />or other damages resulting from injury to any person (including injury <br />resulting in death) or damage (including loss or destruction) to property <br />of whatsoever nature arising out of or incident to the performance of the <br />terms of this contract by the company (including, but not limited to its <br />employees, agents, subcontractors and others designated by the Company to <br />perform work or services in, about or attendant to, <br />-1- <br />