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the work and services under the terms of this contr', lns.,ranee <br />covering this indemnity agreement shell be provided by the C,:mpany, <br />in amounts and in accordance with the certificate of ins.u- , e <br />attached as Exhibit B. <br />B. Equipment: The Company shall provide at least o,•_ !)LIS -type <br />vehicle, radio equipped, having a seating capacity of approximately <br />50 passengers. Said vehicle shall be maintained in a clear, and safe <br />operating condition at all times. <br />C. Drivers: The Company shall furnish qualified and properly <br />licensed drivers to operate the vehicles furnished under this contract. <br />D. Revenue: The Company shall provide a written acccunt of all <br />revenue received by each driver curing the course of each day and <br />remit to the Village all such revenue received along with the invoice <br />tendered for services performed per item above. The foregoing shall <br />be performed by the Company by the 5th day of the month for the pre- <br />ceding month. <br />E. The Company shall establish the routes and schedules in accord- <br />ance with EXHIBIT C attached. Changes to the schedule shall not be <br />made except by joint consent of the parties as evidenced by approval <br />by the Company's Vice President and the Village Manager of Elk Grove <br />Village. <br />F. Scope of Service: The Company shall provide bus transportation <br />for persons using the Chicago and Northwestern commuter service per <br />EXHIBIT C. The service shall consist of pick-ups at multiple points <br />in Elk Grove Village and discharge at the commuter station depots <br />during the morning. In the afternoon the service shall be reversed <br />with pick-ups at the commuter station and discharge points within <br />the Village of Elk Grove Village, <br />G. Records & Reports: The Company shall make and maintain records <br />which accurately reflect the usage of the Commuter Bus operations on a <br />daily basis and according to each pick-up and discharge point of the <br />routes. The Company shall transmit such records and reports to the <br />Village at least once every month. <br />H. Evaluation & Recommendations: The Company shall meet with the <br />Village at least once each month during the contract period to express <br />-2- <br />